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British Gay Couple Denied Stay in Moroccan Hotel

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Rabat- A British gay couple was denied access to hotel in Marrakech, according to the Daily Mail.Morgan Hughes and Llyod Innes made a reservation in a four star hotel in Morocco’s top tourist destination.While searching for good deal on a hotel in Morocco, the couple found the Eden Andalou Spa and Resort and called British Airways to inquire about the price and make sure that their reservation was in line with Moroccan law. At first, the company assured them that their reservation posed no problems for them. But a month later, British Airways called them back and informed them that they would not be able to spend their vacation in the same hotel room.The British airline informed the couple that they could still stay in the hotel provided that they stay in separate rooms.British Airways apologized to the gay couple and offered them a full refund of all their expenses.Homosexuality is still a taboo in Morocco and is punishable by law.Moroccan law outlaws same-sex sexual activity with a maximum possible sentence of 3 years and a fine of up to 1,000 Dirhams. read more

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