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Diablo 3 is currently running on consoles but you cant play it

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first_imgDiablo 3 $19.96 at Amazon came out in May of this year for PC and Mac only but Blizzard Entertainment has been teasing gamers for a long time that it could come to consoles too. That tease has just got a whole lot more serious.Blizzard actually has Diablo 3 is running on consoles right now but the company’s chief creative officer says they’re not ready to talk about it in any detail yet. All Blizzard is prepared to say is that builds of the game are currently running on unspecified consoles. The builds sound like pretty early ones if Blizzard haven’t gone far enough to make an “official project” out of them yet.Of course, it’s not too much of a shock to learn that Blizzard would be testing the popular PC game on other platforms. The company is too big and Diablo is too important to ignore the Xbox and PlayStation (at least those are probably the consoles in question), just like we weren’t shocked to learn that Apple was testing LTE iPhones well before the iPhone 5 ever came out.According to Diablo 3‘s lead designer, Jay Wilson, the developer is exploring console options while they’re still adding onto the game. He also said that the team is “working on the next big Diablo thing” and that eager fans can expect to see additional content popping up next year. This of course could all point towards the Diablo 3 expansion that was announced in November. It could also mean console gamers might only have to wait until next year to see Diablo 3 on their console.Apparently the Diablo 3 builds are “looking good” so far and with such a big fan base behind it, it would be silly not to release it on consoles. The real question is – what consoles will it be released on? The natural choices would be Xbox 360 and PS3 but Blizzard could also aim to get the game out for the Wii U and Sony’s and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. Either way, action-RPG fans will be waiting a while for this one.via Polygonlast_img read more

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