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You Can Help Make This Lego BB8 Bobblehead A Reality

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first_imgStay on target Lego Unveils ‘Friends’ 25th Anniversary Central Perk SetThis Tree House Is Lego’s Most Sustainable Set Ever Remember in The Force Awakens when Han turns to BB-8 and says “move, ball”? Well, this new Lego Ideas submission is happy to oblige. At least his head is.We’ve already seen one incredibly awesome BB-8 design hit the Lego Ideas site. It was actually capable of rolling, albeit with a little help from a special base and a hand crank. This new one doesn’t try to replicate BB-8’s unique way of getting around, however.boBBle-8 is — you guessed it — a bobblehead version of our favorite little rolling droid. Creator Chris Brown did a terrific job building a MOC that’s faithful to the big-screen BB-8. It’s a studless build, and it’s also completely modular… which makes assembling the finished model a snap (literally)!And, yes, it really does bobble! More than you might think a bobblehead made out of Lego would, too. Check out the action in Chris’s video around the 20-second mark:The total brick count is under 500 pieces. Given Lego’s typical pricing for Star Wars sets with 400-or-so pieces, boBBle-8 would probably sell for somewhere in the area of $40.Would Lego actually greenlight a set like this? If there’s enough interest, sure! They did just start churning out Brick Headz, so it’s pretty clear that they’re willing to see how their products fare against, say, Funko.Chris will need your help getting boBBle-8 to the review stage before that’s possible. Remember, he’s got to hit the 10,000 vote mark before Lego will even consider putting a BB-8 bobblehead in a retail box… So head on over to the Lego Ideas site and pledge your support!last_img read more