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Secretary of State report Be wary when donating to charity

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first_imgBy Washington State law, a fundraiser who calls you MUST:State their name;State the name of the charitable organization and its principal place of business;State the name of the commercial fundraiser, if any, that employs the solicitor;Disclose the true nature of the organization’s relationship to the government, if it is associated with or has a name similar to a government organization;Upon request, state the toll free number of the secretary of state’s charities hotline: 1-800-332-4483.… and must NOT:Make false, deceptive or misleading representation;State or imply that the contribution is tax-deductible unless the charity has filed with the secretary of state its letter from the Internal Revenue Service granting tax-deductible status;Use the name “police,” “sheriff,” “firefighter” or similar names unless authorized;Harass, intimidate or torment;Claim the tickets to an event will be donated unless the fundraiser has obtained a letter from those persons stating they will accept the tickets and the number they will accept;Call before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.If you think you have been the victim of charity fraud, call the Attorney General Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-551-4636.When a professional fundraiser calls you to plead for money for a good cause, how much of your charitable contribution really goes to that cause? And how much stays in the pocket of the intermediary who’s getting paid to beg?A new report from the Washington Secretary of State underlines that most commercial fundraisers forward most of their revenues along to the charities they’re helping — but individual donors would be well-advised to double-check exactly who’s asking for those donations, and where the money goes.last_img read more

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