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Crisis negotiation team experiences two very different outcomes in March

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first_imgLeaning forward at a 45-degree angle, a teenage boy took rapid breaths as his eyes honed in on the asphalt below. Only his heels and two fingers holding a cyclone fence kept him on the pedestrian bridge over state Highway 500.“It was, like, really close to him letting go,” Vancouver Police Cpl. Duane Boynton said. “It was very evident that this person was intending to jump.”Boynton is a team leader on the regional crisis negotiation team that responded to the bridge near Northeast 42nd Avenue and Falk Road on March 11. After nearly four hours of negotiations with the boy, the team would eventually convince him to come down safely.But like others with whom the team has worked, including a man less than a week before that, the boy could have easily followed through with his tragic intentions.After climbing over the fence earlier, the boy was situated near the middle of the bridge on the westbound side and facing east. After ensuring the boy was not carrying a weapon, Boynton approached him from the other side of the fence and began speaking with him from a couple of feet away.last_img read more

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