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Those who are still ranking outsourcing enterprises you are cheating, made

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some sinister outsourcing companies, optimization will not give you to do core words, although they have such fees regulations, but when you really choose to do, will be a variety of reasons for customers to "guide", as the saying goes: choose the long tail word, better spend less, has good effect, accurate do rankings.


cheating means: three false flow word, does not exist or the weight of


cheating means two: not standard optimization, not up to no loss of

is the inside pages, and some of the outsourcing company, let you use the home page to do such a ranking, can say is: Waste in order to achieve the purpose of use unscrupulous divisive tactics. read more

How to use the data in the operation optimization analysis to understand user behavior and enhance t

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Let’s take a look at the

first, the analysis of user behavior on website article clicks. The author thinks that whether an article has value, not as they think that their writing is the high value of the article, this is obviously biased, it is mainly according to the user behavior to diagnosis and analysis, here the author recommended practice is to look at the number of clicks, generally by the enterprise station as an example many sites are the network developed by the company, in the process of developing itself to the statistical website article clicks, do not underestimate this function, a small function can help us clear analysis of each article clicks, we look at the below. read more

Love is not love Shanghai reflection into the sandbox after one month

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industry in the summary, the snapshot is slow, included less, low ranking is down right, right down to the recovery period rapidly, most will recover in a few days or half a month; and, not included in the new ranking is entered sandbox performance. As for the love Shanghai sandbox period is long, there is no clear conclusion, but most people agree the 30 day to the 120 day period. For those who have not returned half ranking website, it is very likely that your website content is not enough, love Shanghai has completely abandoned it. read more

Love Shanghai to find the website snapshot weight in the baidu

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We can see through the

snapshot update, we know that the spider is on the site which part of grasping the content, so that we can control the contents of the snapshot, when we want to change the baidu snapshot, just.

4, by the snapshot to control the contents of the snapshot

1, by the snapshot can reflect the degree of concern

2, the snapshot can reflect whether the site is in love with the sea down the right treatment

Describe the text through

spider web crawling to what information as a snapshot of the description of the read more

The training aims to strengthen the collective website revision user experience

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New Oriental

part of the study site, found that most study sites are still the leading article for at home, forced to hang on the slide, recommended reading headlines etc.. Forced receiving mode, can let users feel boring. Education is not equivalent to the station station, each one of the site’s users are seeking something, you think your website can provide what information.

as shown below:

At the

in the summer, the composition class websites usually search for fake.

2, analysis of For example, read more

Most of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er love weight mistake

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then look at my home, whether included;

What is the meaning of love Shanghai Love is love Shanghai Shanghai

how to correctly determine the weight of

home have not reached the requirements included, the weight of 1, so the data you believe? I don’t believe that, as for why the home is not included, because a few days ago the site closed down the right, arguably in Shanghai love weight algorithm, the cumulative weight loss already, but check the webmaster tool data but more than 3 IP, is very unreasonable. read more

How to increase with bugs love Shanghai related domain

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I love Shanghai related domain, improve the optimization, helps to promote? "Bugs before we also talked about how software marketing chain construction". When we add a keyword, can the URL of the website keywords, add a key link, also write on their website links, it reflects is the form of a hyperlink; if you want to display the text display, it will directly add URL as the keyword link, there is another blank signature can be written as 贵族宝贝7sola贵族宝贝, this is the signature of the hyperlinks, can also increase the love of Shanghai related domain, as in other software parameter settings, personal website can also fill in your web site, registered user can write their own web site, the last is at the time of the release paper added, such as plain text. The article added at the end of the article source, or. read more

Keywords to the site selection is a branch of knowledge

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first, must grasp the correlation.

believe that the webmaster friends do when the site will have a plan, a purpose, is also the site we made out of what is, is used to find a partner, to find customers, or buy their products and so on, we just bought a piece of land, we use it to building a house or a vegetable, the first to grasp the direction in large areas, and then slowly subdivision, is later site columns, typesetting, put what website and so on, this is what we call the correlation grasp, identify the focus of the web site where the central idea, then all around this the central idea to start, so that we can ensure that our website is not running in the future development process, we also choose to the site keywords to focus hold website The site is what industry we choose keywords related industries, only do so when our website online, search engine will think of our site theme and content consistent with the strong correlation, will leave a good impression in the search engine there, that we later do when keywords ranking play a multiplier the effect of. read more

How to improve the quality of the key words of love Shanghai

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, enhance the relevance, is to determine whether your words and your ideas have very direct relevance, the keyword is A products, does not reflect the characteristics of creative advantage of A products, in describing the enterprise strength history or description of B, C products; key words is the price of A product, creativity is not the price information. Has been in the description of product features and advantages. Solution: turn out to be key words from the unit, according to the "same structure, meaning similar to the principle of division to the new unit in the new unit, creative writing around the common theme unit keyword. read more

Love Shanghai reincluding Taobao page Taobao off the growing role of desalination

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          love Shanghai as a domestic search engine. In recent years, began to get involved in e-commerce, the PPC business also has a considerable portion of the market from the electronic commerce and the Taobao shop, therefore launched Ali and Taobao’s direct competition. When Taobao screen love Shanghai spiders, causes outside that is part of the search engine is to eliminate shielding bad business fraud. Love will be directed at the Shanghai search and ppc. Love Shanghai said the reason why Taobao will shield love Shanghai spider is because the C2C trading platform afraid the upcoming Shanghai love Shanghai has brought competition ah. When the two sides should say two reasons each one sticks to his argument, there are. Does Shanghai search and PPC will help users through the search engine to taobao贵族宝贝 goods, but the search engine optimization cheating and pay PPC also give users bring misleading, let Taobao business cheating fraud channel. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai as the search leader promotion ah, bring a direct threat to Taobao, if included in the love of Shanghai included in the direct push ah love Shanghai products deliberately suppressed the Taobao page, Taobao does harm. Triggering the love between Taobao and Shanghai’s "war for many reasons". read more

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