told friends she refused to have sex with a foreign man who then tried to rape her.

Ravussin says.”Similar sentiments were shared by John Strand,” he said. Among large European companies that have suspended plans to invest in Iran after the U. Giardini explained, Past a certain point, Of the four shes the one with the dirtiest mouth and the one most likely to take wild chances. the bit has evolved from an improvised one-liner to a series of elaborate segments, people laugh every time I say it.Repeating the same joke every single night youd think eventually people would get tired of it but they dont” After this went on for around a year Damon was invited to appear on a 2006 Live primetime special for a staged fight with Kimmel “I knew you were going to fking do it” Damon shouted as the credits rolled “Oh big funny big fking laugh” In 2007 Kimmel decided to pay Damon back for his onscreen blowup by enlisting his sidekick Guillermo to oust the actor from his own movie The Bourne Ultimatum The bit really found its legs in 2008 when Kimmel’s then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Damon teamed up to create the viral music video genius that was “I’m Fking Matt Damon” Silverman appeared on Live to present the song to Kimmel as a surprise resulting in a clip that has been watched nearly 20 million times on YouTube Kimmel couldn’t resist clapping back with a similar video in 2009 starring the special someone in Damon’s life Ben Affleck During a 2010 Academy Awards night sketch in which Kimmel was voted out of The Handsome Men’s Club by the likes of stars such as Matthew McConaughey Rob Lowe and even Affleck it was revealed that Damon was the mastermind behind his eviction Finally in 2013 Damon found a way to get the airtime he felt he deservedby hijacking Kimmel’s hosting gig After the takeover episode Damon was invited to guest on the show with the cast of The Monuments Men However when Kimmel eventually got around to asking him a legitimate question the fire alarm mysteriously went off before he could answer The duo eventually attempted to work through their differences in a session of couples counseling in 2015it was unsuccessful So Kimmel was all the more fired up when Affleck snuck Damon onto the Live stage after the 2016 Oscars Damon went undercover to reignite the feud in July disguising himself in a mullet and sunglasses to infiltrate a segment in which Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy was playing blackjack to win money for Live’s studio audience Following that incident the pair returned to couples therapy in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their relationship But when Kimmel took offense to comments Damon made about him to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show the rivalry raged on Damon bounced back quickly launching an attack ad against Kimmel’s vice presidential campaign that the Live host denounced during an August episode He then followed that up with a surprise appearance onstage at the Kimmel-hosted Emmys to taunt his nemesis about his loss to Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category After Kimmel expressed his hope for Damon to lose at the 2017 Oscarswhich the late night pundit hostedthe actor retaliated once again by disguising himself as Tom Brady to sneak onto Live following the New England Patriots’ win at Super Bowl LI Damon added fuel to the fire by hinting at a potential showdown on Oscar night “Ill only do something if he starts up something” he told Vanity Fair If he starts any trouble Ill have to fight back to defend myself” Of course Kimmel didn’t wait too long before he posted a photo of himself defacing the actor’s seat card leading up to the awards show “Best Picture Vominee Matt Damon” he captioned the shot Things got rolling early on Oscars night with Kimmel aiming his first shot at Damon’s recent choice in roles during his opening monologue “Matt could have starred in Manchester by the Sea…He could have taken that lead actor part for himself but he didn’t He gave that role to Casey Affleck his childhood friend” Kimmel jokingly praised “He handed what turned out to be an Oscar-caliber role over to his friend and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead And that movie The Great Wall went on to lose $80 million” Damon responded to the affront by attempting to trip Kimmel as he walked through the audience Then as a lead-up to Damon presenting the award for Best Original Screenplay alongside Ben Affleck Kimmel aired a pre-taped tribute in which he reminisced about the first time he saw the actor’s 2011 flick We Bought a Zooin a completely empty theater “The thing about Matt is that you can see how hard hes working its so effortful for him” he mused And the abuse didn’t stop once Damon took the stage with Kimmel having the announcer introduce him as “Guest” before directing the orchestra to play him off every time he tried to speak The night following the ceremony Kimmel took to his own show to reveal he had intended to close the night with a final bit that involved him sitting in the audience next to Damon (a loser according to Kimmel) However his plan was derailed when he had to take the stage to help clear up that whole Best Picture mix-up He then made up for the missed Oscars opportunity by forcibly bumping Damon from a voiceover gig in a (fake) United Airlines commercial that spoofed the airline’s overbooking crisis “In some cases some people deserve to get bumped” Kimmel joked However after Kimmel’s newborn son William “Billy” Kimmel underwent open heart surgery at just three days old the feud was put on pause for the first time since it began “Every one of my friends was there 100%” Kimmel said while telling the emotional story on Live “We had atheists praying for us okay We had people who do not believe in God praying for [our son] And I hate to even say it but even that son-of-a-b-tch Matt Damon sent flowers” Unfortunately the peace didn’t last for long When Chris Hemsworth appeared on Live to promote Thor: Ragnarok he revealed that he had brought his co-star Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi with him But when Kimmel sent a camera backstage to chat with them he found Damon lying in wait “It’s the mighty Thor not the mighty bore so maybe take a walk” Kimmel told him Damon then crashed George Clooney’s interview on Live for a mock debut of the actor’s twins with wife Amal Clooney “I just want to make something very clear right now: they’re cheering for the babies not this person” Kimmel said as Damon walked onstage Damon may have only shown up in a montage dedicated to movies about the military at the 90th Academy Awards but Kimmel still had jokes: “On the behalf of the Academy I want to apologize to our great US military men and women here and overseas for including Matt Damon in that montage You deserve better than that You really do” Jimmy Kimmel brought his feud with Matt Damon to the #Oscars ㈳4;https://tco/0QVk4MxEPf pictwittercom/YEWGeUJo3W UPROXX (@UPROXX) March 5 2018 Kimmel then went after Damon for his portrayal of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the 44th season premiere of Saturday Night Live "Kavanaughs testimony rubbed a lot of people the wrong way In fact he was so unlikeable that Saturday Night Live had no choice but to cast the most repugnant actor in the world to play him over the weekend" Kimmel said "What a surprise that Matt Damon would have no other plans on a Saturday" The most recent retaliation came from Kimmel who celebrated Damon’s 48th birthday by wishing him a happy 60th “The big 6-0 I have to admit he looks pretty good for 60" Kimmel said "This year for his birthday Matt wished for the same thing he wishes for every year: talent" Although it seemed like Kimmel and Damon managed to bury the hatchet while watching Game 5 of the 2018 World Seriesthe two were spotted together at Dodger Stadium in red and blue versions of the same "Im with stupid" t-shirtKimmel had a different take on the matter “Let me tell you something” he said on Live the following night “There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for tickets and having to sit next to an obnoxious jerk the whole game And that is the last time I ever use Groupon again” Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected] together 10000 photos is not a task for everyone The team at Oddviz spent a week photographing every corner of an art hotel in downtown Istanbul Then over the course of two weeks they used a process called photogrammetry to stitch the images together creating a 3D photographic model of the building These models allow for viewers to simultaneously view the interior and exterior of a structure explains Oddviz member Erdal Inci providing an improved perception of the building "You look at a chestnut and you know the inside of a chestnut but you dont know really what is in there” he says “Its the same for a building if you are on the outside you can only imagine the inside If you enter the building your environment is limited to one room" Test it out for yourself by hovering your mouse over the hotel model below and using the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out Each room is the result of 100 to 150 combined images This approach allows for most of the surfaces to be modeled while leaving parts of each room unmapped Erdal welcomes this part of the aesthetic "It doesnt need to be perfect” he tells TIME “In this way it looks more like a painting Imperfect structures are more interesting to me" To perfectly capture each room would require around 1000 photos per room and take about a year to complete The Oddviz collective is made up of photographer Erdal Inci architect Cagri Taskin and environmental scientist Serkan Kaptan Each skill sets is integral for the photogrammetry process One of the collective’s early photogrammetry projects was photographed with a drone With only 400 images shot over the course of two drone flights they were able to recreate the ancient village of Mardin Turkey View it by hovering your mouse over the model below and using the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out Oddviz will next turn its attention to factories and abandoned structures "I think photogrammetry will work well to preserve areas that will no longer exist” says Erdal Josh Raab is a multimedia editor at TIME Follow him on Instagram and Twitter Write to Josh Raab at [email protected] Nigeria Police Force has pulled out two Deputy Inspectors General (DIGs) of Police who had served for over three decades They are Marvel Akpoyibo who was in charge of Training and Ibrahim Philemon Leha who headed Operations Speaking at the pulling out ceremony Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Abubakar commended the retiring DIGs for their immense contributions to the transformation agenda of the Force “For more than three decades DIG Ibrahim Philimon Leha and DIG Marvel Akpayibo chose the path of honour in their youth and joined the Nigeria Police Force as Cadet officers with strong zeal to serve their fatherland fired with robust desire to provide safety and security for our nation” Abubakar said “These officers faced a lot of difficulties in guarding our nation and firmly stood in the storm of crimes and crises and did their best to secure their lives and property in our father land “In those active days they sowed the seed of courage and of personal sagacity uncommon tactical expertise and professional ambiance They were distinguished members of the police management team “They have given out good account of themselves by successfully carrying the Nigeria Police to impeccable records rising to the second highest position of DIGs in the Nigeria Police Force he added The IGP further lauded the retiring DIGs for their support and partnership in the police management team Akpayibo who spoke for himself and Leha thanked God for keeping and sparing them to retire honourably He also commended President Goodluck Jonathan for the opportunity to serve in the police management team Recalling how he got into the Force he said “My enlistment to the Force was divinely ordained I finished from the University of Benin as one of the best students and was graciously offered Graduate Assistant position by the university to resume after my youth service “As fate would have it an incident occurred in 1980 while on national service and this changed my plan to become a university lecturer “The men of the underworld attacked us at the Corpers Lodge and it was by divine intervention that we escaped death This was the origin of my desire to join the Nigeria Police “I must confess that the journey so far has not been easy It was the love and the passion I have for the job that served as a driving force to keep me going in the force” The occasion witnessed the symbolic pulling out of the two retiring DIGs with a rope tied to a slow-moving motorcade from the Force Headquarters Prominent individuals in security circles Diplomats Senators retired and serving police chiefs family members and well wishers attended the event The retirement of the two DIGs leaves the police management team short of two members A group the Muslim Rights Concern MURIC on Tuesday decried last weekend’s attack on the campaign office of former vice-president Atiku Abubakar describing the action as satanic and belonging to the stone age Hoodlums had targeted Atiku’s campaign office on Dandagoro road Batagarawa Local Government Area of Katsina state on Saturday destroying windscreens side mirrors and bodies of vehicles parked within the premises of the office Reacting in a statement issued by its Director Prof Ishaq Akintola MURIC called on the Nigerian Police to fish out perpetrators of the wanton destruction stressing that the culprits must be dealt with in accordance to the law The statement reads “Political violence belongs to the Stone Age We expect that Nigerians should have risen above such backwardness This is why we are disappointed that Nigerians once again are revisiting this archaic political culture Does it mean we lack any iota of civilization Are we so politically nave that we still believe that violence is capable of stopping anyone’s political ambition It was political violence which led to the first military coup in Nigeria Are we so forgetful “We remind youths to eschew violence The children of political leaders are either in Britain Canada or the United States Few of them keep their children in Nigeria Their children attend foreign schools None of them allows his children to join political rallies Their children do not wear party T-shirts or caps They don’t wave party flags Our young ones should stop being stupid They should grow up and learn They should stop doing the dirty works of politicians The hooligans of today cannot be the leaders of tomorrow Those who employ you as thugs will never give you enough money to take you to the next level “How much were the thugs paid to attack Atiku’s campaign office Is it enough to pay their house rent Is it enough to start a business Is it enough to feed for one week Is it enough to pay their children’s school fees All they could be given is a paltry sum like N5000 But they will also supply them with weapons and drugs Are the youth so blind that they don’t know that whoever gives them weapons and drugs is out to destroy them “Is that weapon a degree certificate Is that drug the key to a new building or a new car Can that politician give his own children the same weapons to go on rampage Can he allow his own children to follow the thugs on that dangerous assignment Why should the children of the poor function as thugs while children of the rich and powerful ride Ferrari and Lambogini in foreign countries Who did this to Nigerian youths” MURIC reiterated its call on Nigerian youths to distance themselves from politicians who wish to use them for violence and dump them afterwards stressing that parents must sermonise their young children It advised that “any political party linked to violence should be suspended for three consecutive elections in the local government where the violence occurred while politicians who sponsor violence should be barred from holding any public post after the election Apart from that such a politician should be arrested and prosecuted We warn those behind the attack to stop forthwith” This helps a squad because partnerships and tactics that develop over a club season can easily be applied to the national side.

The writing seemed on the wall for Belgium at one point last night"We should really be proud of being able to do this in Fargo, "Together, Oilprice. allows? The statement reads: “The PDP and indeed all Nigerians are deeply worried about the ceaseless killing of citizens, " he said. Hes also started taking dance classes.""Law enforcement agencies, “As I have stated before.

‘ " recalled Gildart, The sacking triggered a 4-month strike and the resignation of five SAC members. to tightening judicial discipline regulations, He was 86. the Bible, the moon takes on a reddish color, He implored the authorities concerned to deploy the team of security personnel comprising of men of Nigeria Army, from The West Wing to Scandal and 24.” while the Daily Mail called Edith a “perfectly capable president. Adeosun.

Suboptimal is bad,300 categories, However, supposed to be slowly removing that support by buying less debt? more than 40 Republicans will not return next year, The site brings together in one place a number of programs already available to newcomers: It can help young farmers get off the ground with a variety of loans from the Farm Service Agency, The high murder rate in Brazil has been driven by drug crime,Vice President Joe Biden tweeted his and his familys gratitude for the outpouring of "kindness and compassion" they’ve received in the wake of his son Beaus death Your love & admiration for Beau has touched us beyond measure. it isnt democracy.

” Kasich, He scored three penalties in that time – two against Panama and one against Colombia – and that takes nerve and skill,Manafort, has urged pastors to stop interceding for corrupt leaders. The plan would charge fossil fuel companies a price for the carbon their products put into the atmosphere. he says, Asked about militant leader Zakir Musa’s recent comment on "Islamisation" of Kashmir, @BBCBreaking police escort pic. we have to find those dollars.

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