look at the love Shanghai statistics the amount collected and the results of site, shown in the picture below is a comparison of data level station and two stations in September two, one station in the site data of 421 is true, 450, 470, 500 is the general digital memory. You can see a station and two stations in Shanghai are included in the amount of love statistics has steadily increased, while the level of site data station gradually decreased, two stations for the stability of 1, what reason is this

first describe the character "fall in love with the sea included the amount of inquiry, this query is not included in the data display site every day, but love Shanghai big update values, love Shanghai monthly 3-4 big update, the corresponding is shown in the figure of data points. The analysis of the data, "one station" using Taobao off API until May 2011, so the amount collected in more than 20 thousand, in May after the revocation of the API, robot.txt is also used to ban API pages indexed, so in June 2011 and included in the data now has been reduced. "Two stations" to update frequency every day for one or two days per article from the station, so from October 2010 to April 2011, the amount collected statistics show the love of Shanghai is increasing in May 2011, due to operational errors in terms of the page is K with a lot of love sea, July home was also K off, until at the beginning of September to be included, love Shanghai statistics show that included the amount of rise in change.

I think this is to "love the sea included the amount of query function of misunderstanding, I also collected data according to their own website to illustrate my point of view, may have understood the wrong place, please point out master. I own a master data included a domain name and a two level domain name website for example, below is the two site of the "love the sea included the amount of query shots, because A5 is not the article not to leave too much. So, take" one station "and" two station "referred to as the two sites.

first explain a station, the station there are a large number of guest site included in the API page, so site data than the amount collected love Shanghai statistics, site digital decrease should be falling in love with.

A5 in a September 27, 2011 article "examples included in the statistics of Shanghai love is not accurate, the author thinks the love Shanghai statistics" fall in love with the sea the amount included in the display included the amount of query is not accurate, based on his "love the sea included the amount of query results and site results: there is a big difference, for example, the author gives an example of site results is 382, which is 205 in Shanghai love statistics; another station site is 0, and the statistics included the amount of love Shanghai is 1261. Such a big data that the author thinks the amount included in the statistics of Shanghai love is not accurate.



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