let the children learn to swim, the child’s growth has a very big help, because of this, in the current economic conditions, many families have a baby swimming pool. However, after all, is to serve the children, people will naturally choose a higher brand awareness. If you also want to choose the industry better products, may wish to refer to the baby swimming pool compiled by the top ten brands list.

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.1, Mambo fish house baby swimming: committed to product development and promotion, industry famous brand, Chinese famous women and children supplies procurement designated brands, Hangzhou Mambo fish trade Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.2, Intime Intime: Sino foreign joint venture enterprise, specializing in the production of PVC film, PVC artificial leather and PVC film processing products / inflatable toys series products, Shanghai Intime Plastic Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.3, Dr. Ma: in 2004, the domestic most professional infant swimming products R & D, production and sales enterprises, industry famous brand, Beijing beitebao science and Technology Co Ltd.

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.4, sea rain: founded in 1998, the infant swimming pool national toy standard drafting unit, Shenzhen Toy Industry Association vice president of units, Shenzhen City duo source plastic products co..

baby swimming pool ten brand rankings, NO.5 Mambary Mambary: founded in 1991, the main development and production of high-end outdoor products and inflatable toys, belonging to the Far Eastern Group Hongkong Hongtai, Guangzhou Mambary leisure products co..

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.6, less finesse: in 2003, high-end brands of baby swimming therapy industry’s leading industry famous brand, national patent certification brand, Guangzhou yingyongbaobei Trading Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list, NO.7 century spring health baby products leader, infant swimming pool industry leading brands, to high-quality products market, large enterprise groups, Zhejiang Spring Industrial Group Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brands list, NO.8 hot baby: committed to PVC inflatable toys and baby pool of R & D and production enterprises, well-known brand baby swimming pool, Dongguan Sheng Fa Li plastic toys Products Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.9, dolphin: in 1956 in Japan, focusing on home, maternal and child series, health care pillow / baby swimming pool leading brand

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