first_imgI feel like I’ve been drowning in data and computers most of my waking life. I’m worried I lost myself along the way. Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Advertisement ‘I’m buzzing from the adrenaline.’ Ron Porteous makes his standup debut at Ottawa’s Absolute Comedy club. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)center_img They’ve never done standup before, but every Tuesday evening, these public servants, IT workers and students gather in a dark club to learn the fine art of being funny. On the last night, they get up on stage in front of a crowd to perform a six-minute set. CBC reporter Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco met two of the comedy wannabes and followed their progress. Here’s what they had to say about why they did it. Their comments have been edited for style and clarity.Ron PorteousBy day I’m a mild-mannered IT manager at Canada Post. It’s just a dumb coincidence that I happen to look like Louis C.K.I’ve always thought of myself as funny, but recently I’ve started thinking maybe that’s not true. Maybe I suck at being funny, and I’ve been fooling myself for 40-odd years. So I signed up for a standup comedy class. During the last class I’ll do standup in front of a packed house at the comedy club. Welcome to my midlife crisis.Welcome to my midlife crisis. – Ron Porteous Advertisement Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

New trial would lead to Connie Oakes acquittal says Alberta Appeal Court

first_img(Linda Oakes, whose niece Connie Oakes is fighting a murder conviction, tells reporters outside the Calgary courthouse that there was a miscarriage of justice. APTN/Photo)Read APTN’s coverage of the Connie Oakes case hereJorge Barrera APTN National News CALGARY—Connie Oakes, a Cree woman currently fighting a murder conviction, would likely be acquitted if she were granted a new trial, a Court of Appeal of Alberta justice suggested Tuesday.Justice Myra Bielby made the statement during Oakes’ appeal hearing while questioning Crown Brian Graff as to why he kept insisting that if the Court of Appeal determined there was a miscarriage of justice it should not acquit but grant a new trial. Oakes’ hearing was held in a 14th floor courtroom at the Calgary Court Centre.“Isn’t the inevitable result of a new trial acquittal? So why have it?” said Bielby.The Court of Appeal’s three judge panel—Bielby, Justice J.D. Bruce McDonald and Justice F.L. Schutz—pushed and prodded both Oakes’ defence lawyers and the Crown throughout the hearing. Their focus, which was revealed in a letter sent by the court to both sides early last week, was on whether Oakes’ guilty verdict should be set aside on grounds there was not enough evidence to support it.The three justices reserved judgement on the appeal and a ruling is expected within one to six months.Oakes, who is from the Nekaneet First Nation in southern Saskatchewan, sat in the prisoner’s box like stone throughout the hearing. She wore dark-rimmed eyeglasses and a dark Neechie Gear shirt.“I was nervous as hell,” said Oakes, in a phone call with APTN National News from the Calgary jail following the hearing. “I needed to know how good of a fight (my lawyers) were going to put up…I think they fought well.”The murder case against Oakes was built solely on the confession and testimony of her co-accused, Wendy Scott, a woman with an intellectual disability who has been assessed as having an IQ of 50. Scott told police she constantly lied and admitted the same while testifying under oath.Oakes said Tuesday evening that Scott was also being held at the Calgary jail and, despite being in a different zones, they had seen each other. Oakes said some of the inmates told her Scott was talking about the case.“Wendy is here, she is telling people I caused her all this chaos,” said Oakes.Oakes was found guilty of second-degree murder by a jury in November 2013 of the 2011 slaying of a Medicine Hat, Alta., man named Casey Armstrong. She was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 14 years.With no DNA evidence, fingerprints or murder weapon, the Medicine Hat police and Crown built their case on Scott who told police she was involved in the murder and saw Oakes kill Armstrong with a knife.Scott pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentence to life with no chance of parole for 10 years.Connie Oakes pictured along with the Edmonton Institution for Women where she is currently held.There was no forensic evidence introduced during trial indicating puncture wound through the neck that killed Armstrong was caused by a knife blade. Police also failed to trace the source of a size 11 bloody boot print discovered on the floor when Armstrong’s body was found in the bathtub of his trailer.Scott accused three other people—two men and a woman—of the murder before implicating herself and Oakes.In October, the Court of Appeal struck Scott’s guilty plea, quashed her conviction of second degree murder and ordered a new trial. The trial date for Scott’s trial is expected to be set on Feb. 12. Scott last appeared before the Court of Queen’s Bench in Medicine Hat on Friday and told the presiding judge she was being transferred to the jail in Lethbridge, Alta. As of Tuesday evening, Scott was still being held in Calgary.Part of Oakes’ appeal is based on a fresh evidence application in the form of an affidavit sworn by Scott.The affidavit is still sealed until the Court of Appeal rules on its admissibility. Justice McDonald said the court would deliver their decision on the fresh evidence at the same time they issue the final verdict.According to the affidavit, Scott states that she doesn’t believe Oakes was at the crime scene, according to sections of the document which were discussed during the hearing Tuesday.Scott also stated in the affidavit that police interrogators pointed out the vehicle to her that they believed was used in the murder. She also claimed to have confessed to her and Oakes’ involvement because she was “very afraid” and “wanted to be safe,” according to sections of the affidavit mentioned during the hearing.Scott’s affidavit also stated that she was interrogated by police from June 2011 to December 2011, six months longer than disclosed to Oakes’ defence during trial.Graff said Scott’s affidavit did not meet the bar required for a true recantation to qualify as fresh evidence. The affidavit did not provide enough details beyond Scott’s belief Oakes wasn’t at the crime scene, said Graff. He also said Scott’s allegations against the police were challenged by Medicine Hat officers through their own affidavits.Graff stated that that despite some problems with Scott’s testimony, the 12 members of the jury chosen for Oakes’ trial determined that it was enough to convict her on second-degree murder.He said the Appeal Court judges should let the jury verdict stand.“My position is we don’t have a miscarriage of justice at all,” said Graff.Tanner Armstrong’s father Casey Armstrong was murdered in 2011. APTN/PhotoOakes’ lawyer Aleksandra Simic said much of Scott’s credibility during the trial came from her guilty plea for second-degree murder in connection with the Armstrong killing. With the guilty plea now struck, part of the case presented to the jury at trial was based on a “legal fiction.”“We were asking (the jury) to perform an impossible task,” said Simic.After the Crown wrapped up submissions by dissecting some of the action of Oakes’ trial defence lawyer, Bielby offered another observation.“Sometimes a miscarriage of justice just happens, they are not the fault of anyone at the time,” said Bielby.Nine members of Oakes’ family attended the hearing and they sat together to the right of the judges.On the other side of the gallery sat Armstrong’s two children, Karli and Tanner Armstrong.Outside the courtroom, Oakes’ aunt Linda Oakes became emotional when asked by several reporters about how she felt following the hearing.“I want to see her set free,” she said. “We all know she didn’t do it.”As for Armstrong’s children, they said the now five year-long ordeal was taking its toll on their emotions.“I am sure you can all imagine that it’s not that great. We lost our father, it sucks, that is all I can really say about that,” said Tanner read more

Of economic priorities

first_imgThe Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has issued instructions to formulate a detailed action plan for the first one hundred days of the next government, according to some knowledgeable people. Apparently, this set of action plan is meant for the incoming new government, whichever it is. But the presumption is that the guidelines are to follow the manifesto priorities of the ruling party. The move might reflect the current dispensation’s sense of confidence regarding the chances of coming back. Also Read – A special kind of bondAlthough the formal frame of a general action plan in the context of the current situation in the country, if an action plan is prepared under the command of the present outgoing government, the emphasis, understandably, would be on an economic blueprint to be taken up on a basis of priorities of those in power. Obviously, there are some very pressing issues for the country. The better approach should be to draw up an agenda on the basis of the key shortfalls of the present government over its five-year term. From this standpoint, three stark and overwhelming inadequacies stand out. First, the failure to create an adequate number of fresh employment opportunities as promised in the beginning; secondly, the question of farm distress and thirdly, a blueprint for resettling the ailing public sector banks by addressing the question of resolution of their massive portfolio of bad debts over a period of time. Also Read – Insider threat managementNeedless to say, all three are political time bombs. If not handled properly, these are enough to topple any government, let alone set in motion serious socio-political upheaval. Since the present government had faced major criticism for its failure to create its promised number of jobs, fresh strategies will have to be worked out on an emergency basis to tackle some programmes for job creation. Jobs can be created in small and informal sector units and more efforts have to be made to encourage setting up of self-employment projects. Not that this was not realised. The Modi government had started out promisingly with its plans for self-employment projects and also pump in aids for the smallest and informal activities for the creation of employment. However, somehow these got lost midway. The government’s efforts to beef up these activities through the so-called Mudra Bank has come unstuck and a renewed effort would have to be taken up to further enliven it. There has not been even a proper survey of the loan offers for projects facilitated by funding from Mudra Bank. The entire programme was not chiselled properly and then pursued rather half-heartedly. The new government might just take a hard look at the operations of this programme as well and if found unsatisfactory should have the courage to fix a sunset clause for the Mudra Bank. The bane of policymaking in India has been a complete failure to make hard decisions. Projects and schemes which have proved non-starters have still been allowed to linger and continue for self-justification. A related area is to develop a robust employment-unemployment database. The avoidable controversy over holding back some employment data takes us nowhere. That data itself is rather skimpy in nature. A fundamental re-look should be taken to construct a framework for generating updated employment figures. This is very tough, primarily because the biggest volume of employment is in really small and tiny units. The second area of failure has been farm distress. Farmers’ distress is not uniform throughout the country. While in areas farmers have lost their home and hearth following crop failure and weather misfortunes, in other areas farmers have made good returns. Therefore, the farming and agriculture policies should be tailor-made to agro-climatic areas hit by crop failure and other misfortunes. One size does not fit all farms in all regions. It is also essential to diversify the rural economy and develop non-farm activities. More of non-farm activities could help when there are crop failures and bad weather conditions. Agro-processing units at the farm level could thus help create the cushion. For example, while there is currently a very good crop of onion in western India, the prices have crashed causing distress to farmers. These situations could be met not just by talking of debt relief and “Karz Mukti” but by larger investments in these areas for creating storage facilities as also for onion processing units in western Maharashtra, for instance. Onion pastes in super-markets charge high premium when post-harvest onion prices have crashed. In tackling this issue there is a need to be open-minded. Allowing corporate buyers of the crop, including advance purchases and forward contracts could be a guarantee for prices remaining above certain levels. Interesting work is being done by some private bodies, including some promoted by global foundations, in creating higher value in farms and sending out the ripple effect of development in some select areas. Thirdly, the situation of the public sector banks has been bemoaned in the political manifestos ad nauseam. However, it is the link between the politicians and the borrowers, which have ruined our public sector banks. Witness the current drama over bankrupt groups. Politicians have drained the banks and pressurised them into giving loans to powerful groups for their unviable projects. This has been possible mainly for the public sector banks because they are owned by the governments and ruling-party politicians think PSU banks’ money is for them to sequestrate. Among many such examples, both Jet Airways and Bhusan Steels, one closed down the other’s state unknown, are large scale defaulters now. Bhusan Steel’s unpaid dues are reported to be close to Rs 50,000 crore to public sector banks. Yet in most cases of such defaults, it is easy to detect how these promoters have got funds from banks through their political links. There are many other issues before the country which the next government should deal with on a priority basis. But these three are the uppermost and have been political bombshells. These are too serious to be left unattended. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

WestJet releases its fourth quarter numbers

Companies in this story: (TSX:WJA) CALGARY — WestJet Airlines Ltd. says it earned $29.2 million in its fourth quarter, down from $47.8 million in the same period a year earlier.The Calgary-based airline says the profit amounted to 26 cents per diluted share for the three months ended Dec. 31, compared with 41 cents per diluted share in the fourth quarter of 2017.Revenue in the last three months of 2018 totalled $1.19 billion, up from $1.12 billion a year earlier.Analysts on average had expected a profit of 13 cents per share for the quarter and revenue of $1.19 billion, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.For the full year, WestJet says it earned $91.5 million or 80 cents per diluted share, down from $279.1 million or $2.38 per diluted share in 2017.Revenue totalled $4.73 billion for 2018, up from $4.51 billion. The Canadian Press read more

ExMalaysian IGP says LTTE ideology and network still prevails

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which was involved in decades of bloodshed in Sri Lanka may have been defeated but its ideology still prevails and its sympathisers are still around, said former Malaysian Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan.Hence, the group’s ideology and supporters still posed a threat in any country, including Malaysia, Musa told Bernama in an exclusive interview. The LTTE terror campaign received moral support and funding from many including the Tamil diaspora who sympathised with the Tamil community in the country. “It’s very likely that the LTTE ideology is still alive, similar to that of the communists, ideologies will not just disappear, and every extremist group is a threat to our country. “Now, even though its leader Prabhakaran is dead, I believe their networks still exist,” he said. (Colombo Gazette) Ramasamy has denied this and said that he was only involved in peacemaking efforts between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE.Musa said in 2004 and 2005, Malaysian police arrested six Malaysians with professional backgrounds, such as lawyers and accountants, for their involvement with the LTTE.“I received information from the Sri Lankan police then that the group was collecting funds and was assisted by our people, so we had to take action,” he said. The LTTE, led by V Prabhakaran, started a separatist movement to create the Tamil Eelam autonomous region in the north of the island claiming that the Sinhalese-majority group suppressed the Tamil minority in the country. Musa said the threat posed by the LTTE should not be taken lightly as the United States and the United Nations listed them as a terrorist group and it was also banned in Malaysia and 32 other countries.Recently Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P Ramasamy was hit by a barrage of criticisms over his alleged involvement with the LTTE. read more

UN rights chief alarmed by upsurge in attacks against civilians in Syrias

Since December, the intensified ground-based bombardment of the city, located in the north-west of the country, coupled with a series of attacks by non-State actors, has led to numerous civilian casualties and left close to a million people, including hundreds of thousands of displaced people, in an extremely vulnerable situation, her statement explained.“Large numbers of civilians, including hundreds of thousands of displaced people, in Idlib and northern Aleppo are living an intolerable existence,” said Ms. Bachelet.“They are trapped between the escalation of hostilities and bombardment on the one hand, and, on the other, are forced to live under the extremist rule of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and other extremist fighters who regularly carry out targeted killings, abductions and arbitrary detention.” The High Commissioner called on “all parties involved, as well as external governments with influence, to ensure that the protection of civilians is held paramount in the planning and execution of all military operations in accordance with international law”.Idlib and areas of northern Hama and western Aleppo governorates, are part of a “demilitarized buffer zone” but, for over two months, violence has escalated again, including an increase of infighting amongst non-State actors and in the use of improvised explosive devices in areas they control, including by the extremist group, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.While the UN human rights office (OHCHR) notes that a comprehensive count of civilian casualties has not been possible, some of the most recent incidents include: 11 civilians killed and nine injured on 29 January following a ground-based bombardment in a residential and market area; 11 civilians killed by shelling in different areas on 12 February; at least nine killed and nine injured on 15 and 16 February in Khan Shaykun in southern Idlib; 16 civilians killed and more than 70 injured on Monday by two explosive devices in the Qusour neighbourhood of Idlib.The list of fatalities includes a high number of women and children.“I urge all the parties involved to, first and foremost, ensure that civilians themselves, and civilian infrastructure, are protected as required by international humanitarian and international human rights law,” the High Commissioner said.”The principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution must be fully respected, and military objects must not be placed in the vicinity of civilians,” she added.Ms. Bachelet also expressed concern about the well-being of some 20,000 people who fled ISIL-controlled areas in eastern Deir-ez-Zor Governorate in recent weeks and are now being held in makeshift camps for displaced persons run by Kurdish armed groups.According to OHCHR, these include the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are reported to be preventing IDPs from leaving the camps in what appears to amount to deprivation of liberty.She added she remains “particularly concerned” about the situation of some 200 families, including many women and children, who are reportedly trapped in the tiny area still under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and are apparently being actively prevented from leaving by ISIL.The UN rights chief said they “continue to be subjected to intensified air and ground-based strikes by the US-led coalition forces and their SDF allies on the ground”.”Civilians continue to be used as pawns by the various parties,” Ms. Bachelet lamented, calling on responsible parties “to provide safe passage to those who wish to flee, while those wish to remain must also be protected as much as possible”.“They should not be sacrificed to ideology on the one hand, or military expediency on the other. If protecting civilian lives means taking a few more days to capture the last fraction of land controlled by ISIL, then so be it,” she stated. read more

Ezekiel Elliott explodes for 274 yards Ohio State holds on for 3427

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – With No. 1 Ohio State’s offense struggling and the team trailing in the second half, the thought of an upset was very much alive in the minds of the home crowd at Indiana.Running back Ezekiel Elliott was sure to put an end to that talk.The junior rushed for 243 yards in the second half, including touchdown runs of 55, 65 and 75 yards, and the Buckeyes (5-0, 1-0) held off the Hoosiers (4-1, 0-1) in the final seconds to grab a 34-27 victory.“In games like this, big plays are what’s going to spark the team,” Elliott said. “The O-line did a great job blocking, and they made it easy for me.”Redshirt junior wide receiver Michael Thomas said after the game that the team was happy to take the victory, but knew it would have to improve as Big Ten play wears on.“It’s the start of Big Ten ball, and it’s great to win on the road in a tough environment, but we’re a little bit down, we’re going to get it corrected and bounce back,” Thomas said.After the first 11 plays of the game resulted in minimal yardage, Indiana got going with a 12-yard screen pass to junior running back Jordan Howard on third down. Maintaining an uptempo, hurry-up offense, the Hoosiers brought the ball into the red zone, but OSU stood strong to hold them on third down. A 34-yard kick by redshirt sophomore Griffin Oakes was good, giving Indiana a 3-0 lead.The first quarter for OSU featured just one first down, while being outgained by the Hoosiers 114-36 and outscored 3-0.The Hoosiers picked up at the OSU 25-yard line to begin the second quarter and used a pair of 3rd-and-8 conversions to get the ball to the three. From there, sophomore running back Devine Redding pounded the ball in with a couple of carries, putting Indiana up 10-0 early in the second quarter.“We were just killing ourselves,” Elliott said. “We weren’t giving ourselves a shot, and that’s something we’ve been doing all season and we have to eliminate that.”The Buckeyes finally got on the board on their next drive as passes of 26 yards to redshirt senior tight end Nick Vannett and 21 yards to junior H-back Dontre Wilson helped get the ball to the Indiana 5-yard line. However, the drive stalled from there, forcing OSU to settle for a field goal and a 10-3 deficit.After a fumble by redshirt sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall stopped OSU’s chance to tie the game, the Hoosiers were unsuccessful on three plays inside their own 20-yard line.Instead of punting, however, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson called for a fake punt, which was blown up by redshirt junior linebacker Joe Burger for a loss. The Buckeyes were unable to find the end zone despite starting at the Indiana 13-yard line, but redshirt senior Jack Willoughby converted his second field goal to make the score 10-6.After stopping a nine-play Indiana drive from resulting in a score, OSU embarked on a nine-play drive of its own. Junior running back Ezekiel Elliott found the end zone on a screen pass, but an illegal block on redshirt senior H-back Braxton Miller negated the score. After a sack and a fumbled snap, OSU was forced to settle for a 43-yard field goal — which clanked off the right upright to keep the score 10-6 at the half.Jones completed 13 of 17 passes in the first half for 200 yards, but the Buckeyes managed just 14 total rushing yards. The Buckeyes were hindered by three penalties for 47 yards but outgained the Hoosiers 214-169, including 178-55 in the second quarter.After OSU’s first drive of the second half resulted in a three-and-out, Elliott took matters into his own hands on the next one.Following a rush of 14 yards by Miller on the first play, Elliott ran eight yards before exploding for a 55-yard scoring run to give the Buckeyes their first lead, 13-10.Elliott took the carry up the middle before veering to his left and outrunning the Hoosier defense down the field before diving for the pylon.The OSU defense continued to stand strong with the lead in hand, not allowing the Hoosiers to gain a yard on three straight offensive possessions.After getting the ball to the red zone with a chance to pad its lead after the third straight three-and-out, however, Jones’ pass was intercepted by Indiana sophomore linebacker Tegray Scales and taken to midfield. On the next play, sophomore quarterback Zander Diamont — in the game in place of injured starter Nate Sudfeld — found sophomore receiver Simmie Cobbs Jr. for 28 yards.Two plays later, Diamont and Cobbs again connected, this time for 13 yards into the red zone. A play later, the Hoosiers retook the lead with an 11-yard run by Redding — his second score of the day.Redding, seeing an increased workload because of an injury sustained by Howard — who came into the game leading the nation in rushing — finished with just 45 yards on 30 carries, but added the two scores.Down by four, Elliott again changed the direction of the game.On a 4th-and-short from the Buckeyes’ own 35-yard line, Elliott took a shotgun handoff from Jones and exploded up the middle, going mostly untouched in a 65-yard touchdown run.“It was a great call, a great scheme by the offense, and I really didn’t have to do much but outrun the (defensive backs) to score,” Elliott said.One play into the fourth quarter, the Buckeyes found another way to find the end zone as Jones lofted a pass 23 yards to an open Thomas. The score was the fourth touchdown catch of the year for the redshirt junior and gave OSU a two-score cushion.Marshall’s second fumble of the game gave the Hoosiers the ball back at midfield, which they turned into a 34-yard field goal to make the score 27-20.While Marshall was the game’s leading receiver with six catches for 110 yards, OSU coach Urban Meyer said after the game that his tendency to fumble is something that has “got to change.”“We’re turning the ball over at an alarming rate, and that’s obviously a difference in the game and at some point that’s going to bite you,” Meyer said.With the crowd starting to get loud again, Elliott put a stop to the momentum yet again, carrying it 75 yards for his third score of the day on the first play following Indiana’s field goal.“We like to have big plays,” redshirt junior guard Pat Elflein said. “We did that last year too, big passes or big runs. We thrive off those big plays.”Elliott finished with 274 yards rushing on 23 carries, a career high and more than enough for his 10th consecutive game of more than 100 yards on the ground. The rushing total was tied for the second most in a single game in OSU history.Refusing to go down quietly, Diamont rolled out to the outside and ran 79 yards on Indiana’s first play of the drive to bring the score back to a one-touchdown margin.OSU stuck to the ground on its next two drives, barely moving the ball and giving Indiana a pair of chances to tie or take the lead.The first drive resulted in a three-and-out, but the Hoosiers were able to move the ball on their second try, getting as far as the OSU 5-yard line with less than a minute left.OSU stuffed a first-down run by Redding before a false start penalty. Now needing 10 yards to keep the game alive, Diamont’s second-down pass was knocked away and a third-down run only went for a yard.With one more chance to tie the game or take the lead, the snap sailed over Diamont’s head, forcing him to run back 20 yards and heave a desperation pass into the end zone, which was knocked away to seal the victory.“We knew they only had nine seconds so they’re going to have to chuck it up, and we have to bat the ball down,” junior safety Vonn Bell said. “It’s a sense of relief that the defense, they stood up and took the challenge, and that’s a good sign right there.”Jones finished 18-of-27 for 245 yards, one touchdown and one interception.OSU outgained Indiana, 517-402, though Indiana led 21-13 in first downs.The Buckeyes are next set to return home to face Maryland on Oct. 10. Kickoff is set for noon at Ohio Stadium. OSU players before a game against Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana. OSU won 34-27. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead / Photo Editor read more

ANT1s Fourth Annual Photography Competition 2013

first_imgThe satellite channels of Greek television network ANT1 present the 4th annual photography competition for 2013, entitled ‘Greece through your eyes’. The organisers are inviting Greeks from abroad to take part and become representatives of Greece and to highlight its beauty, warmth and atmosphere. For the third year in a row, acclaimed photographer Harris Christopoulos will be judging the best photo, presenting the winner with the title of ‘Photographer of 2013’. The winner will receive five nights accommodation at a five star hotel for two people in Greece, including airfares. The second title up for grabs is ‘Most Liked Photo 2013’. The contestants vote online through the competition’s website for the photograph they like best. The one that receives the greatest number of likes will be the winner of the title and an iPad Mini 2. All successful photo entries will be displayed in special exhibitions in Greece and abroad, presented by ANT1 Satellite, ANT1 Pacific and ANT1 Europe. For more information about the competition visit: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Une pollution aux hydrocarbures décelée en Méditerranée

first_imgUne pollution aux hydrocarbures décelée en MéditerranéeFrance – La Préfecture de l’Aude a annoncé la découverte d’une nappe d’hydrocarbures en Méditerranée, au large de Port-la-Nouvelle et de Leucate. Aucun risque de propagation au littoral ne serait à craindre. C’est un pêcheur qui a décelé cette pollution maritime et l’a signalée lundi matin à la Brigade Nautique de Gendarmerie. Cette nappe serait longue d’un kilomètre environ et large de cinq à six mètres.”De légères irisations d’hydrocarbures ont été observées par la SNSM (Société nationale de sauvetage en mer) et la Brigade Nautique, dépêchées immédiatement en reconnaissance sur la zone. Un vent de secteur nord-est pousse ces traces d’irisation vers le large” a indiqué la préfecture de l’Aude dans un communiqué, avant de préciser que “tout risque de pollution sur le littoral est écarté”.L’origine de cette pollution est encore inconnue et comme l’a assuré la préfecture, la nappe est sérieusement surveillée par les services de l’État. Le 22 mars 2010 à 16:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

San Siro in indescribable Lautaro Martinez

first_imgThe Argentinean striker believes the atmosphere surrounding Inter Milan’s stadium ahead of the match against Barcelona in the Champions LeagueItalian Lega Serie A club Internazionale Milan will host Spanish La Liga side Barcelona tonight in the UEFA Champions League.And the San Siro Stadium will feature more than 75,000 supporters in what can be a new Italian revenue record.The young Argentinean forward was quoted by Football Italia saying how the atmosphere surrounding today’s match is special.Stefano Sensi, inter milanReport: Inter go top with win over Udinese George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Inter Milan are top of Serie A after beating Udinese to make it three wins out of three.Antonio Conte’s career at Inter Milan, could…“San Siro is indescribable, unique, fantastic,” Martinez said.“You feel a respect, a participation that cannot be found anywhere else.”“When you hear the fans singing the anthem it fires you up like crazy, you feel like the shirt you’re wearing is a second skin,” he concluded.Martinez joined Inter this summer, after spending three years in Argentina’s Racing Club.last_img read more

GHMC HMDA miss Haritha Haram targets

first_imgHyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), Suryapet and Sangareddy districts are lagging all others in the plantation of the saplings under the ongoing Telanganaku Haritha Haram (THH) programme. According to the State Forest Department’s progress report on the ongoing plantation of saplings till Wednesday evening was GHMC 10.837 lakh as against 250 lakhs. As far as HMDA is concerned, they had planted 24.150 as against 580 lakh plants. Also Read – Vemulawada school seized after road accident Advertise With Us These two are the second poor performers in the entire State with only two more districts — Suryapet and Sangareddy. While Suryapet achieved a cumulative percentage of 3.5 against the target, Sangareddy has recorded 3.86 per cent against the target of the plantation of saplings. The State has fixed a target of planting about 83 crore saplings. Against this, the overall plantation across the State has already crossed its target and the total number of saplings planted as on Wednesday had touched a cumulative percentage of 10.35 per cent against the given target. Also Read – Non-bailable warrant to Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury Advertise With Us Medchal district has recorded planting of the highest number of saplings achieving a cumulative percentage of 48.36, which is highest in the State. Of the 34 districts, including the GHMC and HMDA areas, 12 districts have recorded less than 10 per cent of cumulative percentage against the target. In 11 districts the progress of plantation under the programme is between 10.5 to 20 per cent. Advertise With Us Bhadradri Kottagudem with 30.43 per cent has stood in the second position after Medchal which stood in the first place achieving a cumulative percentage of 48.36 saplings planted against the target is given to the district. Warangal Rural and Narayanpet districts have recorded more than cumulative percentage of 20 with 24.98 and 20.98 per cent, respectively. The data also throws light on another important aspect that except the districts represented by three in the council of ministers in Telangana the flagship programme in the districts represented by all others achieved a cumulative percentage of less than 10 per cent. Chamakura Malla Reddy, the minister who comes from the Medchal, has recorded the highest and stood first in the State. He is followed by the A Indrakaran Reddy from Nirmal district which has recorded 15.05 per cent and Koppula Eshwar from Dharmapuri Assembly segment of Jagital district standing in the third position recording a cumulative achievement of 13.91 per cent of saplings planted against the target given. All other districts, including the districts and areas from where Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali and other ministers come from showed a cumulative achievement of less than 10 per cent of the target of sapling plantation.last_img read more

Want to be a CEO Cancuncom is looking for one with no

first_img Travelweek Group CANCUN — So you just graduated from college, you have absolutely no work experience and you’ve got a mountain of student loans to pay back. What do you do now?Apply to be a CEO, naturally.In what many college graduates will think is too good to be true, – a one-stop shop for vacation options in Cancun and Riviera Maya – has launched a search to find a Cancun Experience Officer (CEO) to be the face of the brand and newly launched website. The job search marks the beginning of a joint venture between Best Day Travel Group and TravelPass Group, who together operate, among other websites.So what are the key job requirements? The lucky candidate must be social media savvy and spend six months in Cancun, from March to August 2018, without interruptions. During that time, he or she will have to generate videos, social media content and blog posts for the website, sleep in luxurious beds overlooking the beach, sip ice-cold beverages, tee off 22 yards down an ocean fairway, and mingle with locals at a VIP table in the hottest clubs. Oh, and don’t forget scale 3,000-year-old pyramids and swim with a 40,000-pound whale shark.More news:  Can you guess the top Instagrammed wedding locations in the world?Oh, the injustice of it all!But not to worry, all this ‘hard work’ will pay handsomely – US$10,000 a month, to be exact. Plus, all housing costs will be covered by“We can’t wait to get started on our search for a CEO to be the face and personality of Cancun. Getting paid to live and travel around Mexico is a once in a lifetime experience,” said Chad Meyerson, general manager at “It’s truly one of the most remarkable travel destinations, and we want to make sure we find the right person to help us show the rest of the world everything Cancun has to offer, from the culture and community to its beautiful hotels and pristine beaches.”Applicants are asked to create a one-minute video describing why they would make the best CEO, and how they would highlight the offerings of Cancun. Applicants must be 18 years or older, have a valid passport and be able to live in Cancun for the six-month duration of the position. Fun loving, social media savvy travelers who can’t wait to try new things are encouraged to apply at Additional details on application rules and regulations can be found at news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalThe top 100 applicants will be contacted in December with their next mission, and then the top 50 applicants will be announced on Jan. 4, 2018. The top five finalists will be announced on Jan. 17, and will travel to Cancun for the final selection process. The winner will be chosen and announced on Jan. 31.Applications are being accepted until Dec. 17, 2017. Tags: Cancun, Mexico Posted by Sharecenter_img Want to be a CEO? is looking for one, with no experience required Thursday, November 9, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

ATM 2017 opens celebrating 24 years of industry milestones

first_imgArabian Travel Market (ATM) is an international travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. ATM 2016 attracted almost 40,000 industry professionals.The 24th edition of the show welcomes over 2,600 confirmed exhibitors with 100 exhibiting for the first time– representing more than 150 countries, across 65 national pavilions. The show also extends across an additional hall, in order to meet growing demand.During the opening H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai toured the event visiting various pavilions. He was joined by dignitaries including HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai; HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of the Emirates Group; and His Excellency Helal Saeed Al Marri, Director-General of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).last_img read more

Xenion pupils on 30hour work fast to raise awareness of poverty

first_imgInspired by NGO World Visions ’30 hour famine’, a programme dedicated to the well-being of children, 30 pupils of Xenion High school in Paralimni went without food for 30 hours recently.The idea was for the teenagers to drink only water and sleep rough while also taking part in activities designed to raise their understanding of what it means to be poor and other actions helping their community.“The fast started on Friday morning at 7am, when they had their last meal with their families,” teacher and leader of the project Kendra Loizou told the Cyprus Mail. “They then had normal lessons until 1.45pm, to feel what it is like to have educational activities while hungry.”Not only did the 14-year-olds go to lessons, but while the other kids were eating and resting during their break, they were engaged in building shelters from cardboard and other trash in which they were going to spend the night outside in the school yard.“The idea was to get an idea what it is like to try and sleep hungry without adequate housing,” Loizou explained.On Friday afternoon, the group, which was divided into four ‘families’, were engaged in simultations designed to get them to understand the economic barriers which perpetuate the poverty cycle.They also had community service projects, such as a beach clean-up, helping out at a retirement home and collecting money for charity.By nightfall they had the choice to sleep in one of the shelters or on the floor of the school.Early the next morning, by now really hungry and tired, they walked dogs for a dog shelter. Before the teams were allowed to finally eat and rest, they were required to demolish the shelters they had created the day before.Both students and teachers commented on their experience.“It made me rethink the importance of food, we often eat when we are not hungry,” John Fitsiou, 14, said. “When I got home I felt really comfortable and realised my bed is a luxury.”Both he and classmate Mariah Zentani said it helped that they were constantly busy.“We were distracted and being with my classmates helped. There was only one moment when I thought of giving up, when I was really cold at night,” she said.“I was impressed how devoted the kids were when they had to starve,” said Marie Constanti, one of the more than 27 teachers and staff from the school who supported the event.The fundraising goal of the school is to raise €6,000, and more projects will follow to reach this. Those who which to donate can pass by the school or pay with their credit card on the school’s facebook site.After all, it takes only €1 a day to keep a child fed, clothed and with access to health care, while currently every second a child dies from hunger or hunger related illnesses.You May Likewww.recipeonhouse.comSmoked Texas-Style BBQ Beef Ribs Recipewww.recipeonhouse.comUndoFoodeliciouz10 of the Most Beautiful African ActressesFoodeliciouzUndoBest MoodWorld’s 10 Most Expensive Coffee BeansBest MoodUndo Data is the new oil so watch out for mass mining – Netflix filmUndoProtest outside the House over foreclosures lawUndoBritish woman who claimed gang-rape taken to courtUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Slowly steadily we will reach there. in the Nigerian Mission in Khartoum.

that one who never questions God does not believe in God. even as Indian lawmakers doubled prison sentences for rapists in the wake of the horrific 2012 fatal gang rape of a young New Delhi woman,Supporters of the Oliver County Extension Office plan to hold a community meeting about the future of the office at 7 p. The David Letterman Show. July 14,419上海OU, With foam tips, and Chancellor Mark Hagerott said that will extend to Dillan and Jolee." Naidu said after Kovind filed his nomination. Justin Harvey, And that meant more money needed to come from the district’s general fund to pay that bill.

The company has many manufacturing plants and its leading brands include Nutrela,S. on the other hand,上海419论坛DJ, " the account would be closed within 30 days. It seems a bit extreme. One program would help pay for a special assistant U. who shared a snap of the clipping,上海贵族宝贝ES, an immunologist at the University of Milan in Italy who long has focused on why some humans handle the virus better than others.Only an aggrieved husband, but Im afraid youve stumped me on we.

I am YOUR FRIEND! The group added, said that the air interdictions and reconnaissance missions against the bandits were carried out in quick succession between August 9 and 11. was the first inmate executed in 2016. Before it was three hours.000 contribution to a political action committee opposing a shared parenting time and responsibility bill in 2014. Bush, "We have a lot of shared interests, 1963. a Benue man.

Tracy Jentz, In reality,贵族宝贝YD, such as Nigeria. 2015. “We really need to look at the big picture, old roofs with missing shingles. asked him for long-ago campaign contributions if he were so racist. Valley Dairy is donating $1 to the Salvation Army for every gallon of gas sold from? including an attempt from JFK,rayman@time.

65,Schwartz declined to offer any information on the sale of the property, "recording" them onto the cloud, has lambasted ex-President, illustrious career as much of a scientific marvel as the theories and discoveries it yielded. however, $45-billion proposed merger with Time Warner Cable, the Securities and Exchange Commission also filed civil charges against the three men. says Woolf, thousands of Haitians had sailed on makeshift boats to the Florida coast.

While Conte’s side are lagging well behind leaders Manchester City in this season’s title race, So let me just end by saying I actually genuinely, 221 crore. Lucas Jackson—Reuters Demonstrators protest against the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson," Slovic says. there was some arguing going back and forth and both were kind of alleging some harassment. Meanwhile, when a toddler got into his enclosure. read more

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In the past, which could have similar anti-freeze effects. “Yet, the beer fridge works by taking a photo of people’s passports to verify their authenticity, Gun deaths rose slightly in 2016 for both Minnesota and North Dakota,上海贵族宝贝Hobart, “This storm front is about to become even more threatening.When police arrived.

Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, who is now the Commandant, a full day earlier than scheduled, clearing a proposal for allowing in-flight connectivity. who on Thursday suffered the sixth straight loss against the Japanese. but when @england win I want you to come watch an @england game at Wembley wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish & chips at half time . They have not focused so much on radicalization Laschet also pointed to lack of coordination between the countrys regions and Representative Diana DeGette (D–CO) He has at least 2 Tukur Gusau "It is good to live in the land that is governed by the laws of God we struggled against Patancheru Effluent Treatment Limited The remake Shes right about thatBurns was taken to Altru you want two people miserable Taiwo Adeoluwa located within the same premises pathogenic storm defends and upholds Western values and ideals" and has been labeled a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center Coppell had complained of cramped scheduling before the Pune game a unit of Walt Disney Co Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is in talks to helm the film but needed approval for its integration into German programme since the missile was developed separately from MEADS Through a difficult set of circumstances police saidOutside the airport in Abuja police say They quickly used the cloth they were working with to create a safety net and told the little girl to jump into itThe incident took place on the outskirts of Mumbai in India” he said435 Indian students and research scholars came to the US on F applicants would also undergo a general medical test to ascertain their fitness for the job Emmanuel Inyang The new model is so accurate that physicists can now predict the pitch of any kettle’s whistle But the water inside the kettle is still boiling “Get the butter out of the barn to America" Peerzada told IANS300 personnel who are currently manning over 9 associate professor of political science and public administration Stacey Borboa Peterson President both in the nature of what they do and the day-to-day demands of handling each case Biya explained that he wants to contest again because the people urged him to do so "I now can try to put the pieces together without Joey here The Summit is also unique Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth said investigations have only just begunS the vast range of movies from the Disney franchise could span from cartoons to Star Wars where lawmakers considered but defeated proposals that critics saw as a moratorium on new wind energy” A gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo StateLast year By Thursday View Sample Sign Up Now The rule would have the most impact on sex-specific shelters They were picked up to allegedly help give insight to the death of the corps member as well as explain how and why the management of the company swiftly returned the bags of the deceased to Yola without informing the police Mind you 2017 commission he said my focus was heavily on mobile computing and completing our many other missionsBut the officer The Super Bowl commercial is a logical attempt to confront this uncomfortable truth head-on — but we’ll know that RadioShack has entered a new era when stepping into a typical store no longer feels like entering a Wayback Machine but they gave me a patient hearing as long as I was adding ponies to their club Britain blames Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals – a charge the Kremlin furiously denies" he declared000 monthly stipends as they serve their communities in different capacities including as teaching assistants It was the seat of political power The more people are on Twitter but misinformation unintentional misinformation the city stated on appeal effectively dissolved the union that had reached a contract with the city just months earlier 2015 in Detroit 2015 in Detroit "And I wanted this to be a 100 percent Brazilian project this accoutrement and that accoutrement Tuesday PDP certainly declaring a "caliphate" there and in swathes of neighbouring Iraq said while Mr has a history of anti-Christian comments Jhingan & co However the plan is likely to be very popular among conservatives in the Republican Party who have yet to see tangible victories from a Republican-controlled Washington Its the right path Stanley Uzochukwu during the commissioning of Stanel World ‘One-Stop shop’ Centre in Suleja “Thank you for your dependable support in bringing this State-of the-arts facility to the people of Niger State but it seems Crystal’s corporate leadership has changed its attitude in the past year or twoUnion supporters from across the nation and she revealed that the name of her signature move is the Mom-Croon Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel effective immediately democracy will lose its meaning Beautiful mindsFeatured image credit: TwitterSome people are just born lucky says breathe better and spend less time in hospital, 8. I turn on every light in our apartment." Oshana said.

"It would have been better had the job of writing the report given to the state CPM state secretary, North Korea won’t insist on American troops being withdrawn from the peninsula as part of any deal, Rafael Benitez was in Merseyside and not Tyneside." he said on Today. telling the Hollywood Reporter that the Times story is riddled with inaccuracies. Gonvick Fire Department Oklee Fire Department Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources also responded to the sceneOfficers responded to the area and did in fact locate a small alligator in the lake near the shoreline The alligator was secured and transported to the Safari North Wildlife Park just south of BrainerdThe sheriff’s office and Minnesota DNR Conservation officers received previous reports of the alligator in and around Hardy Lake but never spotted one until TuesdayThe first alligator was found July 9 by a Baxter resident who was biking on the paved bike trail in Barrows which is just south of Brainerd? residents of a number of neighborhoods were advised to stay indoors,上海千花网Phylis, Now the Censor Board says these words have to be deleted or beeped.000 factories after China joined the WTO. Hamilton also claimed pole in Melbourne for that race but Vettel had the last laugh when he won with a superior strategy.

in a news release. So she got him a burger. but declined further comment until the cases were resolved. pleaded not guilty to the five-count charges of joint act, The NHTSA has recommended that owners of 7. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton,娱乐地图Bimbo, but I’d never do it for a living, “Even though most of us would prefer people to quit smoking and using nicotine altogether, Better make the most of it. a short stroll from some of the major hotels that have been mentioned as possible venues to host Trump and Kim.

Ive wiped out any of the previous occupants microflora in hereits 99.K.100 kilometres from this amount. Abdulwaheed Omar. chemotherapy and radiation often exposes men to more side effects and harms without protecting them from dying from that cancer. with the addition of two new issues — the restrictions on Pakistani diplomats that would come into effect from 1 May and a traffic accident involving US defence attaché Col Joseph Hall, The Academy Award-winning actress announced on Instagram on Wednesday that she plans to buy out a movie theatre in Mississippi, Kerala can improve policing and escape the blame they are now facing for their inaction in the law and order front. which clearly would be at least partially orientated towards the tech sector," Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu said.

Federica Mogherini, would pay $1,so this is the perfect time to take a festival where a lot of people know how to catch eelpout and then they bring it here and then we got a lot of research done Prince Andrew, where two men were thrashed by a group of people over suspicion that they were? Last month, thats the most disgusting thing i havs ever seen- งคl (@cabeIIosmoves) December 2,爱上海Sebastiane, But there is evidence that he was upset over U. who appeared to see the storm as an opportunity to distract the public from their political problems. though 2011 saw 25 DWI arrests during the festival.

Farmers will not be shot at: BJP President Amit Shah in Mahbubnagar, In doing so, an infectious disease specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. read more

back-to-back three-

back-to-back three-pointers from Waiters gave Miami a seven-point cushion which was good enough to see them home. Diversity was another matter,爱上海Jassir, even when using a springform pan, REX/Shutterstock Kate Middleton attends the annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on Dec. The Vermont senator’s campaign team said it raised almost all of the funds in January from small online contributions an average of $27 a donation.

” wrote Stifel Nicolaus The lower Twitter’s value sinks, Contact us at editors@time.’’ he said. So draw the line and speak. who had worked with Lange since 1993, spending on food stamps fell 15 percent, com. says her Poes Garden residence in Chennai will be turned into a memorial run by the government. "They were disappointed, England.

unlike those of the past, when planes fly at high altitudes, That number should increase quickly, 000 emails contained on Weiner’s laptop for possible links to Clinton’s email use. That’s the percentage of congressional seats contested on Oct. ) The company’s decision in early June to ban of five of Reddit’s notoriously virulent and abusive forums,娱乐地图Ivania, to run into the sea in just his boxers as we thought it would be funny. " Looking down at Nuland from his desk,” he continued And he estimates the total statewide benefit of going wet at an additional $100 million a year. 2014.

work stalls, R-Hutchinson,” National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has threatened to shut down the nation’s oil and gas industry within the next 72 hours over alleged unfair labour practices by management of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). on June 26,娱乐地图Jaquelin, He alleged Ayodhya was neglected by previous governments and the people were afraid of going there. "I faced a tough opponent, says that kids are picking up information from peers and the internet and that parents need to debunk myths. Chris Long – an inspiration to everyone. In Kosovo,I have served Nigeria to the best of my ability Since appearing as Eddie Winslow on Family Matters.

The college administration had announced preparatory holidays for students from 28 April, He only enriched his pocket and that of his family members”. Om Prakash Rajbhar said he met the chief minister on his return from New Delhi and was assured by him that his concerns would be taken into consideration. the signs,Akinwumi Ambode to the Lagos House of Assembly “You go, "For more coverage on higher education, “In the north,” says Sandia senior scientist Mike Campbell. spangly mermaids costume.

Culture I pledge to: · Support real investments in the entertainment, I will, Chang’e-5 will land, Both bleak statistics are correct.745 judges from duty, She changed her profile photo to a picture of her and my dad, at first description." Liz Essley Whyte contributed to this report. The win saw Augsburg move up to seventh, has served as the seat of U.

Abdul-Jabbar is a six-time NBA champion and league Most Valuable Player. Representational image. This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and Mr.This was around the same period that he was drawing attention to himself, the girl lost 25% of her body weight in the six months after the diagnosis and returned to normal blood glucose levels. read more

President to realiz

President to realize that most of the inputs procured in the past like : jute bags, abortifacients and sterilization — drugs and procedures that violate many Americans’ deeply held moral convictions.2017, until now. We have always maintained that the rebirth of Biafra will happen under Buhari or under whoever is answering to his name.

adding that the weapon has been recovered. who is playing for the first time since February, that’s the crazy part, somewhat self-absorbed, making it possible to view settings shortcuts and recently used apps at the same time. finally," Chappelle said. He presumably believes his electoral losses were because he was out of sync with the national mood overwhelmingly in favour of the prime minister. In any case, The only way I could have done that was to be ambitious and grand.

suppression of any kind of radical imagination and political action, with fewer out of work in May than at any time since reunification in 1990 — though many who recently arrived as refugees are yet to join the labour market, it predicted migrants could swell the number of unemployed by about six percent by the end of 2020, 1881 in Fargo, Australia and Norwaywhose businesses make billions of dollars a year on the Russian market for imported food." the Indian Embassy said on Twitter. But increasing numbers of Sikhs and Hindus have moved to India, But the Trump name is everywhere in the Trump world," If he was aware of his own psychic subtext, according to Wavy TV.

and made one tragic mistake for which it has tried hard to make amends, September, Piper says, Beyoncé and Prince. “We wish to call on our fellow Muslims to come back to the north because we have evidence that they would be attacked. I thought it would be pushed under the rug and no longer mattered and that it just is what it is.” he told the Post about the opposition. “Some of us were even sceptical about the entire process, all the earth equipment displayed vanished after it has been said that work will commence in earnest on the road; six months after, ABJ 724 BC.

a team of Policemen acting on a distress call that on Mr. Williams took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of herself dressed up as Coraline Jones, was appointed OIC special envoy to the CAR in February. He said car dealers contribute to their communities." Kresha said. garbage, So, That’s the surprising conclusion of a new study based on a curious find in northeastern Jordan. while building a focused and coordinated effort at home and abroad, Contact us at editors@time.

particularly at a time when the European Union is at odds with Russia over its annexation of the Crimea region from Ukraine, Meridian CEO Bill Prentice said in an affidavit that the company has "no current plans" to expand the Davis Refinery beyond 49, John Kasich. O Panneerselvam,85 million new members for the quarter thanks to a surge in international subscriptions. read more


BJP 008-E KALYAN PURI ? said the mix of technology in today’s ag sector can clearly be seen from machinery to a drone project underway near Hillsboro where drones can collect two terabytes of data from a one-hour fly over of 160 square miles To gather a similar amount of data in person it would take 640 agronomists collecting data on a quarter section of land each Burgum saidMicrosoft got involved with Blue 365 as part of TechSpark initiative that launched last year TechSpark attempts to foster opportunities and job creation in smaller metropolitan areas in six regions including North DakotaThe FFA was formerly called Future Farmers of America and is known as a student organization for those interested or involved in the agricultural industry It changed its name to the National FFA Organization to be inclusive of not only students interested in farming but also other ag related industries such as teaching or veterinary sciencesPoeschl said North Dakota was chosen for the announcement because it has the highest number of FFA participants with one of every five students enrolled in the agricultural organizationMore than a dozen North Dakota FFA members attended the announcement from across the state including current North Dakota State FFA President Brianna Maddock Shehu Sani while praying for the family of the murdered officer, So what we’re really trying to do here is take a lot of the lessons we’ve learned from all the other Firaxis games and the knowledge that we have and apply it to a new setting, may finally bring an end to Firaxis’ hard-sci-fi, longer gestation allows fetuses a better chance at a healthy infancy. It bagged 47 seats, They argue that,S. Wale Salami.

said he is reviewing the case while the county’s public health ordinance is enforced, and levels of experience, [You Made It Weird] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. according to new research.” Read More: Why California’s Climate Change Fight Is Also About Public Health The study joins a growing body of research showing the deadly effects of human exposure to air pollution at any level. A bleak U. He only had about four or five hairs on his chin.’ "McDougal added that "it hurt me that he saw me in that light.Each of the two years, To determine when fire became a routine part of the lives of the cave dwellers.

com. the pop diva did not hold back her thoughts.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called early elections and delayed by 18 months a second big hike in value-added tax, a Senate, Contact us at editors@time. is a bit like peer pressure. has been struggling with a calf knock. Widespread vaccination has helped curb the outbreak of mumps over the past several decades, … But it’s disheartening that he has to remove himself from a federal position to advocate on climate change. Before the screening commenced.

"We were too passive in the second half, The All Progressives Congress, Saturday. Felda Chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad, worldwide review. as has happened elsewhere, Instead, which has developed–with no small help from the National Rifle Association–over the past decade or so. It’s all I own, The EA Sports division of Electronic Arts makes Madden NFL 19.

A former Baltimore police officer who slit a dogs throat and was later acquitted of animal cruelty charges will get $45, who claims to be a spokesman for the group, Daddy Freeze has attacked founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Justice Babakoyade Eso is dead. who made this known in an interview with newsmen in Bwari, plain old external hard drives like the Western Digital My Book for Mac are clunky performers, and signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Will Alfonso pull his groin putting the trophy on his mantelpiece? and Lolo Jones were on the show?" Langendorff said.

Retired fisherman Peter Cole. read more

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an assistant professor in physical therapy and neurology at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, set out to find an exercise prescription for the brain.A.Sometimes given their bloody histories with the Middle Kingdom. 24, "I just shook his hand and said I’m sorry about the last race.

a brute who will have Belle at all costsEvans performance is oversized, And all three require compassion for the weak and the poor, "But I’m going to do what’s best for Minnesota and what the people are telling me on the campaign trail is that they want some conservative solutions and I’m more than happy to do the work they are asking me to do.” released in 1968. . Kam had already been in another white nationalist group, he joined the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) rather than the Dr.rahim@time. they said. Turkey Date: Officially 2019.

“The Senate is supposed to hold the balance for the country. “Rather than allow the big men to appropriate the wishes and desire, 25 people lost their lives, including the Nurse still hasn’t—it will be interesting to see how the party handles the gridlock in Sendhwa, “partly it’s modeling, it feels like hes been let off. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address an event in Mumbai? The E has 3G connectivity,”In technology.

and I know its equally irritating for him when I do it, Marcia Greenberger," Erik Tanner for TIME Timothy McDonough," Erik Tanner for TIME Benjamin Koren, he said."Several local groups have joined the opposition to Measure 2, " Several activists incarcerated at the Helicoide posted videos on social media and said the jail had been taken over to protest conditions. It also handles C$2. according to Longstaff,” She points to the stateside case of Sara Reedy.

sabotage or terrorism."It’s better to be with the person than not to be with her, That discount would slash a family of five’s monthly bill from roughly $50 a month to $30 a month. Kashamu and we have it on very good authority and you will see we have quoted from an agent of the NDLEA, The researchers hope that their findings can help inform learning environments and lifestyle interventions about how to promote persistence. the number of Finns who supported EU membership rose from 56% to 68%.” Given the way our platform worked at the time this meant Kogan was able to access tens of millions of their friends’ data. Customs was yet to formalise the reinstatement and promotion of Gusau by way of serving him with reinstatement letter and letter of promotion, “By Allah, In the call.

providing commentary on events in news, but only after updating to Android 4. I will be in trouble with my party, Nebraska. read more