Fish farm virus could have impact on wild salmon says biologist

first_imgLaurie HamelinAPTN NewsFootage of effluent spewing into the ocean from pipes at two farmed fish processing plants on Vancouver Island went viral last November.At issue was whether piscine reovirus, also known as PRV, was in that effluent.It is a potentially deadly virus that has been linked to heart and skeletal muscle inflammation in farmed fish.Alexandra Morton is an independent scientist that’s been warning First Nations and the government that PRV is a threat to wild salmon.“It’s heart failure for wild fish,” said Morton. “A wild fish has to be a supreme athlete every single day of the year to catch food, to escape killer whales, escape sea lions.”Testing on the effluent came back positive but according to the BC Salmon Farmers Association that isn’t surprising.“PRV is known to be carried in the blood of some salmon. It is quite prevalent on salmon farms,” said Jeremy Dunn, spokesperson for the association.“That hasn’t been a virus of concern from a waste water treatment perspective. The science to date would suggest that this virus is relatively harmless.”The province says it’s committed to protecting wild salmon and are reviewing fish processing plants.“British Columbians expect their government to ensure any discharge into the water is safe, and does not threaten wild salmon,” said George Heyman, minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in a statement.lhamelin@aptn.calast_img read more

The coming price war US retail giants plan big push to win

TORONTO — Now that American retailers have landed in Canada, prepare for the fireworks as stores launch massive promotions and deep discounts in an attempt to draw shoppers.The arrival of Target and Marshalls — and the expansion of Walmart — hasn’t exactly revolutionized shopping, but it has laid the foundation for what industry watchers say will be a bigger fight for marketshare next year.[np_storybar title=”Black Friday deals in U.S. expected to lure even more discount-hungry Canadian shoppers this year” link=””%5DA poll released Thursday by the Bank of Montreal says 47 per cent of Canadians it surveyed planned on shopping on Black Friday this year — up from 41 per cent last year — with each shopper expecting to spend an average of $292. Keep reading. [/np_storybar]“We can expect to see some very desperate retailers,” said Brynn Winegard, a marketing expert at Winegard and Company.“A lot of organizations will be vying for the same amount of consumer dollars.”For shoppers, that could mean significant price reductions, “Buy One, Get One Free” offers and similar promotions, while price matching and lax exchange rules set precedents.And the spectacle won’t be limited to the big U.S. chains, as even domestic companies like Canadian Tire, Joe Fresh and Indigo will ramp up the spectacle around their own operations.Much of this competition was supposed to play out earlier this year when Target first set foot in the country amid a level of hype rarely seen in the industry. But the retailer failed to impress consumers, especially those who had loyally crossed the border to shop at its U.S. Target locations.A survey released by Level5, a brand strategy adviser, found that consumer sentiment for Target is on level with the struggling operations of Sears Canada.Some customers likened Canada’s version to “Target Lite,” with lackluster prices and an atmosphere that, despite renovations, still had the feel of the Zellers outlets that occupied the same spaces for years before.Peter J. Thompson/National Post “First impressions are big, and so Target’s not getting off to a great start,” said Bobby Hagedorn, a retail industry analyst at Edward Jones, who said the misstep gave competitors a lead.“All the Canadian companies are now running and seem to be more prepared than they were before. We’re in a period of transition.”Despite the time spared, the U.S. challengers are plentiful and diverse, with big names like Microsoft setting up shop while more niche retailers, such as Zara Home, and women’s clothing shops Ann Taylor and Black House, White Market, vie to corner their own segments.In department stores, Hudson’s Bay Co. struck an agreement to bring Saks Inc. to Canada while next year upscale retailer Nordstrom enters the mix nationwide with locations acquired from Sears Canada.One of the most competitive spaces will be grocery stores where intermittent price wars have waged on for years. The recent rollout of competitively-priced produce sections at Walmart supercentres has added to the pressure, while Target also launched a mini-supermarket inside its stores.Add Inc. to the list after the Internet company opened a virtual supermarket in Canada that ships non-perishable food items directly to consumer’s homes.In response, Canadian grocery chains have ramped up consolidation to grab a stronger market presence and more buying power with manufacturers, which helps keep their prices lower. Earlier this year, Loblaw agreed to buy Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. while Sobeys picked up the Canadian assets of U.S. grocer Safeway.I haven’t even gone to the Target since it moved here . . . Everyone has said it’s still not as good as the statesIt’s debatable how much the heightened activity in Canada has convinced shoppers to stay within the country.Data from Statistics Canada shows a climb in the number of trips to the United States throughout the year, encouraged by the introduction of higher duty-free allowances and a steady exchange rate.In September, 2.74 million cross-border daytrips were made by car, a 1.2% increase from the busy August summer travel season when 2.67 million trips were made.Year by year, the number of same-day trips are rising too. In 2010, Canadians made 26.3 million trips, rising to 31 million the next year, and 32.4 million in 2012.While it’s difficult to determine how many of those were shopping trips, the data is still an indication that Canadians aren’t staying home in huge numbers.Niagara Falls resident Jessica Manning says the U.S. is a more attractive place to shop for anyone who can muster up the time.Walmart Canada “They enjoy Canadians shopping there, and they’re willing to help you more, I find, than in Canada,” she said. “When I shop here (in Canada) I find there are very few sizes left, while in the states they have better stock.”Other longtime cross-border shoppers have scaled back on the number of trips they make, including Toronto-area resident Anne Yau. She said that she isn’t spending more at home, even with the wider selection of U.S. retailers in Canada.“To be honest, I haven’t even gone to the Target since it moved here,” she said. “Everyone has said it’s still not as good as the states, and they don’t carry as many products. The deals are not as good.”Opinions like that are painful for retailers as they’re a sign that Canadians, who benefited from widespread sales and a strong loonie during the economic downturn, now expect those rock-bottom prices.Over several years, that could have a detrimental impact on the retail industry because deep discounts aren’t as effective in stimulating the economy, said Winegard.Retailers also face tepid consumer spending growth, which in recent months has inched ahead only slightly. Economists predict that Canadians will remain cautious about their finances and keep spending low into next year.In September, home renovations retailer Rona chief executive officer Robert Sawyer emphasized the negative impact of the U.S. entrants, telling an industry conference that “in Ontario, it’s a bloodbath for every retailer.”In Ontario, it’s a bloodbath for every retailer . . . It’s difficult, not only for the hardware business“It’s difficult, not only for the hardware business,” he said.Executives at Target have assured investors that while they may be knocked down, they’re still in the game. Chief executive Gregg Steinhafel said last month that the launch has “fallen well short of expectations” but that he wants to “redefine” the company as a one-stop shop for Canadians.Already Target has launched advertisements that emphasize its weekly flyer discounts, and its position as the “all in one place” holiday shop.But Target won’t be alone in that quest as other retailers will follow a similar plan to “increase their basket size,” an industry term used to track how many items a shopper piles into their cart each visit, said Winegard.The most effective way to fill carts is through “Buy One, Get One Free,” and major discounts. However, Winegard warned that while it has an immediate upside for consumers, it’ll have a ripple effect on the industry.Too many deals typically result in a practice she calls “pantry loading,” which is when people stock up on non-perishables, such as mouthwash and clothes, and then visit stores less frequently to spend money — a factor that could knock the wind out of retail sales figures.Those discount practices will also filter out weaker companies within three to five years, she said. In clothing, that could force smaller label brands and boutiques to shut their doors.Winegard said that one lesson many U.S. retailers haven’t learned is that Canada is a diverse country with buying patterns that vary by region. What works in Toronto won’t necessarily catch on in Edmonton or smaller cities in Quebec, for example.Those factors could drive retailers to get creative with how they sell to consumers.“It’s what capitalism boasts,” she said.“It’s a great time for innovation and viable competitors to really sharpen their chops. The ones that don’t do that will perish.” read more

Illinois lawsuit filed against top ecigarette maker

CHICAGO — An Illinois teenager who fell ill with a lung disease after vaping for more than a year has sued a leading e-cigarette maker.Attorneys filed the lawsuit Friday in Lake County Circuit Court on behalf of 18-year-old Adam Hergenreder.The 85-page suit alleges Juul Labs deliberately targeted young people through Instagram and other sites to suggest vaping can boost their social status. It also says Juul doesn’t fully disclose their products contain dangerous chemicals.Lawyer Antonio Romanucci says his client couldn’t avoid “getting hooked” on what he called “toxic timebombs.”There was no immediate response to an email message seeking comment from San Francisco-based Juul. The company has argued previously that its products are meant to help adult smokers wean themselves off traditional tobacco cigarettes.The Associated Press read more

New video game program a huge draw for students

Before the start button on the new GAME program has been pressed, it’s already on pace for a high score.The video game program, a partnership between Brock University and Niagara College, had seven times the number of applicants than available spaces for the first term starting in September 2016.Brock Professor Michael Winter, GAME program director, said 366 people applied for the unique degree/diploma program, which has spots for 50 students.“These are good numbers, especially because we are offering this for the first time,” he said.The program is one-of-a-kind in Canada — offering students the opportunity to earn a university degree and an advanced college diploma in four years.Students can choose their stream at Brock – a BA in game design or BSc in game programming. At the same time, they will be working towards an advanced college diploma.“If you were to do that in sequence, it would take seven years,” Winter said. “Each year, they have courses here at Brock and at Niagara College. They have access to both locations for the price of one.”He said artists and programmers are needed to make high-quality, cutting-edge games.“They are different streams with different courses but they have a number of classes together,” he said.Over the course of the program, students will team up and create original games starting in the second year. In their fourth year, the best games will be presented at Level Up, a renowned industry showcase held in Toronto.Linda Roote, Associate Dean in Niagara College’s School of Media Studies, said the partnership program has been in the works for nearly a decade.“It’s really the first time that a college and university are offering a gaming program that runs concurrently,” she said. “We hope that students are going to benefit from the theory side at Brock and the application side at Niagara College.”Roote said bringing students together from the game design and programming sides will result in well-rounded graduates ready to work in the booming field of gaming.“They work together and that models the industry,” she said. “We’ll have games that are beautiful and high functioning.”Roote and Winter said the technology being invested in labs at both schools will be state-of-the-art and students will be using leading edge software and game engines.Winter said there are jobs in the gaming industry, which has grown bigger than the film and music industries.He added students will also have employment opportunities in a variety of other sectors from multimedia and general programming to web development and special effects. read more

Michael D Higgins As world buildings turn green lets play our part

first_img 13,132 Views So, this year, as famous buildings and landmarks around the world turn green in honour of St Patrick’s Day, let us resolve to play our part, however small, in the achieving of a greener world in its truest sense. By Gráinne Ní Aodha 43 Comments Share175 Tweet Email2 Friday 15 Mar 2019, 6:00 AM In recent years St Patrick’s Day has been marked by the greening of iconic buildings, here in Ireland, including of course Áras an Uachtaráin, and across the globe.  Michael D Higgins: ‘As world buildings turn green, let’s play our part in a greener world’ He urged Irish citizens to “play their own personal and essential role in saving our planet and our environment”. On St Patrick’s Day we celebrate all that is best about our Irishness, sharing our national day with those who will join us in our celebration of our culture, our songs and our language.He ended his message with the inclusive message: “May I wish all those who share this island – be they Irish people by birth or descent or those who have a connection with Ireland wherever they may be in the world – and all those fellow global citizens who are friends of Ireland, a happy and peaceful St Patrick’s Day.” Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article The colour green is, of course, strongly associated with our national saint’s day, with Ireland’s history and our struggle for independence. Source: Áras an Uachtaráin/YouTubeUACHTARÁN NA hÉIREANN Michael D Higgins has given his St Patrick’s Day message, saying that on a day where the world’s buildings turn green to celebrate Ireland, people should consider how to do their bit for the environment.Higgins, who won a second term as president in October, used his St Patrick’s Day speech this year to reflect on the colour green, and what it symbolises: Today the word green has now become profoundly linked to the protection of our environment and the challenges we face in preserving the planet for our own and future generations. Source: Áras an Uachtaráin/YouTubeHe said that it was important that the Irish “embrace our responsibilities as global citizens and play our own personal and essential role in saving our planet and our environment”. Short URL Mar 15th 2019, 6:01 AM last_img read more

6000 tonnes de débris dans lespace comment éviter les collisions Images et

first_img6.000 tonnes de débris dans l’espace : comment éviter les collisions ? Images et explicationsSelon les estimations, 6.000 tonnes de détritus spatiaux gravitent autour de la Terre. Ils risquent à chaque instant de percuter les satellites toujours en activité.Sur les 4.700 satellites lancés dans l’espace depuis 1957, seuls 800 sont toujours actifs. Les restes de satellites ayant pris leur retraite, déjà dangereux, peuvent produire de nombreux fragments lors d’une collision, qui les disloque en une centaine d’autres débris. Ainsi, près de 15.000 objets d’un diamètre supérieur à 10 cm, 300.000 de plus d’un centimètre et plus de 30 millions de plus d’1 millimètre gravitent autour de la Terre, risquant à tout moment d’entrer en collision avec un satellite en activité.A la vitesse de 8 kilomètres par seconde, les conséquences d’une collision sont catastrophiques, c’est pourquoi le Centre national d’études spatiales (Cnes) de Toulouse surveille nuit et jour la progression des plus importants débris afin d’éviter la collision des dix-huit satellites dont il a la charge. Lorsque le risque de contact est supérieur à 1 sur 1.000, une manœuvre d’évitement est orchestrée. Toutefois, elles sont à éviter car elles entraînent d’importantes pertes financières et une augmentation de la consommation de carburant. Seules quatre manœuvres de ce type ont ainsi eu lieu en 2008.Malgré ces précautions, quatre collisions ont tout de même eu lieu, notamment entre le satellite américain de télécommunications Iridium 33 et le satellite militaire russe Kosmos 2251, à l’abandon depuis une dizaine d’années. Les deux satellites ont été détruits mais ce genre d’accident reste très rare.Pour ce qui est des déchets avoisinant un millimètre de diamètre, ils ne peuvent pas être repérés par les radars, les satellites sont donc blindés, notamment avec du kevlar. Le télescope spatial Hubble est d’ailleurs “décoré” de nombreux micro-impacts, qui obligent la Nasa à régulièrement  changer son hublot.Découvrir les images : 24 mai 2010 à 13:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Ibrahimovic Dont make me angry

first_imgZlatan Ibrahimovic’s brace helped secure LA Galaxy a much needed 3-0 win over Real Salt Lake on Saturday and afterwards, the Swede warned their rivals “Don’t make me angry”The Swedish superstar netted his sixth and seventh goals of the campaign with strike partner Ola Kamara adding a goal of his won as Galaxy headed into the MLS’ World Cup break with their biggest victory of the year.Ibrahimovic gave LA a 61st-minute lead and later made it 2-0 after heading in a Servando Carrasco cross from the left flank inside the left post six minutes later.“When I started to work with [Ajax legend Marco] Van Basten [during his early career], he said to me that the best thing to help your team is to score goals because that is the striker’s job,” Ibrahimovic told the club website.Lionel Messi, Paul PogbaPaul Pogba has spoken to Lionel Messi over his future Andrew Smyth – September 10, 2019 Manchester United star Paul Pogba had a chat with Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zinedine Zidane and many others over his future, says his brother.“That is my main objective: to try to score and create chances for my teammates. I see myself as a different player since then. I see myself as a complete player. … I can do all the things that are expected from the coach. Even if I don’t score, I try to do the things to help my teammates score.“Listen, if I don’t score and we win, I’ll be just as happy as when I score, and we win.”The 36-year-old had a few  confrontations with Salt Lake defenders during the match, but Ibrahimovic insisted that it only fuels him even further like “gas on a fire.”“Don’t make me angry,” he added.last_img read more

City looking to accommodate homeless population who live in their cars

first_img March 14, 2019 Posted: March 14, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsMISSION BEACH (KUSI) – City Council will soon decide how to accommodate the homeless population that lives in their cars. There’s over 14 million dollars from the State Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) Grant and in Mayor Falconer’s outline, there is an amount set aside to expand overnight safe parking.KUSI’s John Soderman has more on this story. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter City looking to accommodate homeless population who live in their carslast_img read more

BtoB Publishers Say EMedia Sales Expenses To Increase the Most in 2011

first_imgSeven percent of larger publishers invested $1 million or more in new technology last year (while the majority say they spent between $100,000 and $249,999). The majority of smaller publishers (39 percent) say they spent less than $10,000. For a full look at the 2011 FOLIO: B-to-B CEO Survey, click here. Spending on e-media infrastructure increased for both large and small b-to-b publishers in 2010 and will again in 2011, according to respondents to the 2011 FOLIO B-to-B CEO Survey. Larger publishers expect operating expenses to jump 6 percent in e-media, while smaller publishers expect a 5 percent increase. “We’re seeing an expansion of our business and that requires a revamping of software into delivery services,” says one respondent.  Larger publishers will see the smallest rise in operating expenses in circulation (followed by editorial), while smaller publishers will see the lowest increase in spending against distribution and production (2.9 percent for each). center_img In 2010, the majority of large publishers spent the bulk of their tech investment on websites while smaller publishers spent the most on computer hardware and software.last_img read more

AL MPs warning of crossfire creates panic

first_imgEnamur RahmanEnamur Rahman, a ruling Bangladesh Awami League member of parliament (MP) from Dhaka’s outskirts of Savar, has bragged that he ordered killing of five ‘terrorists’ in ‘crossfire’ and made a list of another 14 for such extra-judicial killing.The statement the MP made in an interview with a Bangla newspaper has mainly panicked the activists of opposition parties and some reportedly left the locality in fear.Following hue and cry over such bragging in public, MP Enamur Rahman on Friday withdrew his statement but did not deny the contents.“There were many cadres [indicating terrorists] in Savar. All have been silent now. I have sent five to crossfire [killing in shootout with law enforcers]. And I have prepared a list of 14 others. A few of them begged my pardon and promised they will never commit misdeeds,” the ruling party MP said in an interview with daily Manabzamin newspaper on Tuesday.When asked, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) director commander Mufti Mahmud Khan said the MP has to answer about such claims, had he made so. “RAB has no comment on this,” he added.A leader of opposition BNP-backed Jatiyatabadi Juba Dal, seeking anonymity, told Protthom Alo that he had been panicked by this statement and left Savar immediately. “He might use law enforcers to kill his political opponents in the name of crossfire,” he voiced his fear.On Thursday, Nargis Akter – the wife of Juba Dal leader and former councillor of Savar municipality Minhaj Uddin Mollah – asked this correspondent if her husband was in the Enamur’s list of ‘crossfire’.She claimed that her husband was implicated in the murder case but he was in India at that point in time.There are allegations of extrajudicial killings against the country’s law enforcement agencies in the name of ‘crossfire’, ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ but such statement by a ruling party MP created further controversies about the issue.Human right activist Md. Noor Khan said when many people are scared of extrajudicial killing and the arrogant statement by a ruling party lawmaker made the situation further complicated. “His statement is contradictory to the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. The speaker should take immediate step against the MP,” he insisted.Many leaders and workers of the BNP and its alliance partner Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami were implicated in various cases in the aftermath of the 2014 one-sided elections and many of them were staying outside Savar. More are now panicked, said local leaders.In October last year, Savar Juba Dal general secretary Shah Alam aka Nayan was killed in the so-called gunfight with the police after he had been detained from his Mohammadpur residence.When contacted about the MP’s statement, Shah Alam’s brother Masud Alam said the MP has rightly reflected on what the people believed. “Whoever is powerful has the authority to killing someone in crossfire. What can the commoners do at this stage?”On 26 May, Moktar Hossain of a local village was killed in another ‘gunfight’ but his mother Sakhina Begum said her son was detained by the law enforcers. “We just got the body… We don’t know who killed him,” she said.The superintendent of Dhaka district police, Shah Mizan Shafiur Rahman denied any correlation between the MP’s statement and the police action. “The policemen never deliberately fire on anyone. However, it is hard to say when someone is trapped during certain drive,” he said and further claimed that the police as force are not used for political purposes.last_img read more

The Buddhist society has lost its conscience

first_img.Zarni is a democracy advocate, Rohingya campaigner, and a former research fellow at the London School of Economics. He lived and worked in the United States for 17 years. In 1995 he founded the Free Burma Coalition and was its director until 2004. Zarni is also a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment. Zarni now works as independent scholar specialising in racism, violence and mass atrocities. He is an adviser to the European Centre for the Study of Extremism based in Cambridge, UK.During his recent Dhaka trip, Zarni dropped in at the Prothom Alo office and held a discussion with senior journalists of the daily, including the editor Matiur Rahman. He deliberated on a number of issues pertaining to the Rohingya crisis and the predicament of his homeland.“The Buddhist society has lost its conscience and has turned racist. The army itself has been founded on fascist lines. And a good society has been manipulated to move into this fascist mode.”Activist Zarni’s passionate outburst was tinged with regret as he added, “This is no longer the society where I grew up. People of different faiths and societies living together will invariably have a degree of discomfort when it comes to certain differences, but that should not culminate in violence. When I was growing up the army didn’t have that control. The press was free. Then in 1962 Ne Win took over power and the army began to exert its authority over the culture, the society, even day care centres!”Highlighting the authoritarian nature of the rule, Zarni said, “The party was God. There had been strength in society, families understood they knew better than the army, the monks opposed the authoritarian rule and were against the fascist ideology. But the army played one religion against the other and propagated its totalitarian ideology. But now the 55 years of the army’s fascist endeavours have culminated in the present predicament of the state.”Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman pointed to people’s support of the peaceful democratic movement, where Aung San Suu Kyi voiced their aspirations. Zarni responded by saying that since 1988 the movement aimed at opposing military dictatorship. This was different from a value driven democratic movement. The movement was opposed to the shooting and violence but not for values and principles. He criticised Aung San Suu Kyi, saying she needed ‘revolution of the spirit’. He said that she and others of her ilk spoke the same language as the military, not of human rights and the sanctity of human lives.“The military had succeeded in manipulating the people into a totalitarian space. We are worse than Germany under Hitler. Society has to resist, but over 90 per cent of the people back the military.”Concerning the Myanmar army chief’s aspirations to be president, Zarni said, “Becoming the president is the army chief’s ambition. He is the Milosevic of Burma today. He had the gall to tell the Pope that there was no racist discrimination in the country.”About the future of Aung San Suu Kyi, he said she may be admired in her country but internationally she had lost her stature as a Nobel Laureate.As to whether Bangladesh was on the correct path, Zarni said that Bangladesh was a nation state with its own interests. The government of Bangladesh had one sort of stance, given its interests with China and the rest of the region, but the people had shown tremendous compassion towards the Rohingyas. They did not see them as illegal entrants this time, but as victims of genocide. This was a powerful and positive sentiment.last_img read more

3 killed falling off train rooftop

first_imgHardinge Bridge. File Photo.At least three people were killed and five others injured after being hit by an overhead girder of Hardinge bridge while travelling on a train roof at Pakshi in Ishwardi upazila early Friday, reports UNB.Two of the deceased were Hakim, 17, son of certain Hafizar Rahman and Rabiul, 20, son of certain Jalaluddin of Shibganj upazila of Bogura district while the identities of other could not be known immediately.Some passengers who were travelling on the roof of Khulna-bound Inter-city Chitra Express Train from Dhaka fell from the rooftop after being hit by the girder of the bridge at Pakshi and Bheramara link point, said in-charge of Pakshi police camp, Shahidul Islam.Three of them died on the spot while five others sustained injuries, he said.On information, police recovered the bodies and sent those to a local hospital.last_img read more

Threeday EV Expo East 2018 to be held on Science City Campus

first_imgKolkata: The three-day 6th EV Expo East 2018 to showcase the latest innovations in electric vehicles will be inaugurated in the Science City premises on May 11.More than 30 Indian and international e-vehicle companies will showcase their advanced technology, pollution free two, three and four wheeled e-vehicles like e-rickshaws, e-carts, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-bicycles as well as e-loaders. The EV Expo east is supported by the ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIt may be mentioned that New Town Kolkata development Authority (NKDA) is going to introduce e-buses in May. The centres to charge the batteries have been constructed and the route of the buses have been finalised. The buses are air-conditioned and will cover the areas which are not covered by other buses. The state Transport department has taken an initiative to replace the Totos by e-rickshaws which are safe and more durable. The Lithum ion batteries are also going to be showcased at the Expo. The state government is projecting introduction of e-vehicles in different areas. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe purpose of the Expo is to highlight the Centre’s theme to make India a 100% Electric Vehicle nation by 2030 and towards realisation of a national Electric Mobility Mission. This is to provide safe, pollution free, environment friendly, cost effective transport solution and boost safety, comfort, convenience and last-mile connectivity to the passengers. Anuj Sharma, chairman, E-Rickshaw Committee. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said: ” As electric vehicles is relatively a new and rapidly growing segment, there is a huge scope for business investment right from production, stocking and distribution and R & D services.”last_img read more

Swimming clubs using College Square pool to be shut for 7 days

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC ) has decided to shut down all the swimming clubs using the College Square pool for a period of seven days.The decision came in the wake of a death of a Class IX student Mohammad Shahbaaz of a swimming club who drowned at the pool on Sunday. The Calcutta University Institute College Square (Vidyasagar Udyan) club located there has been barred from imparting swimming lessons for novices until further orders. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe victim, a novice belonged to this club and encroached into the pool meant for the seniors by crossing the demarcation line. “We have decided to stop swimming activities in College Square for the clubs for seven days. Infrastructural audit of all the pools will be taken up, and then a decision will be taken on when to open the clubs,” said Member Mayor in Council(Parks & Gardens) Debasish Kumar after holding a meeting with the five odd swimming clubs that use the College Square pool for their sessions. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe University Institute Club has claimed that there was adequate trainers at the time of the incident and the victim who has been learning swimming for three days dived to the side of the pool that have deep water meant for those who are adept in swimming. However, the they could not provide a satisfactory answer on allegations of lack of vigil that have surfaced after the death. “We had issued a set of guidelines for the clubs after an ace swimmer Kajal Dutta drowned at the same pool in August 2017. We will check on our own whether the clubs are abiding by the directives. They have been asked to submit their infrastructural update in two to three days, following which our officials will visit the pool and verify the authenticity of their claims,” a senior official of the Parks and Gardens department said. The KMC has also decided to come up with separate swimming pools for learners across the city. “We have already come up with such pools where there will be no scope to venture into deep water in a similar manner as the victim did,” Kumar said. The KMC has plans to implement this decision by the next swimming season that will begin from March 2020.last_img read more

Uber drivers protest against the companys upfront pricing system

first_imgIrate with the company’s upfront pricing feature, Uber drivers in Australia decided to not pick up passengers on Monday morning.Lobby group RideShare Drivers United (RDSU) called for drivers to turn off the Uber app between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Monday in protest against company changes that it said erodes drivers’ “already poor working conditions.”One of RDSU’s demands is that the ridesharing company stop using upfront pricing, and return to a system where drivers are paid for the actual time and distance traveled.Following the footsteps of rival Lyft, Uber’s upfront pricing feature launched in the U.S. back in November last year. Australian users got the feature in March.Upfront pricing estimates the cost of a ride, allowing riders to see how much their trip will be before they book.The RDSU said that upfront pricing shortchanges drivers, as the system doesn’t take into account “unexpected traffic conditions, passenger requested stops, and/or occasional road closures.”Another demand is that Uber allow drivers to opt out of UberPOOL, which also launched in Australia in March. Drivers who opt in for UberPOOL, where a rider shares a car with other users, should be paid the equivalent of base UberX rates plus at least an extra 20 percent, reads the demand.“Drivers who choose to take UberPool rides should be better compensated and not the other way around,” RDSU’s post reads. RDSU has also asked for a 15 percent rise in UberX fares “to account for the constant increase in car maintenance and on road costs to drivers.”Uber has been contacted for comment. Uber drivers in Australia are up in arms against the company’s upfront pricing feature.Image: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty ImagesBy Johnny Lieu2018-08-06 03:17:32 UTClast_img read more

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first_img“I think actually we probably weren’t up for the game in the beginning,” Williams said. “They kind of hit us early with a few big plays so they had a good mixture; they had a good game plan. No huddle on the ball. They kind of slow it down at certain times and came with the run game. They just kind of caught us off guard a few times.”The 27th-ranked Rams offense scored their first offensive touchdown in three games on Kendricks’ score. The Cardinals defense did seem to settle down after the opening series and put steady pressure on Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. But it wasn’t enough for the Cards to secure their fifth win of the season.“It definitely was tough. We just need to come back and regroup and make our corrections and get better as a team,” Williams said.For the first time this season, Arizona’s defense was outdone by their opponent’s. The Rams’ attack sacked Kevin Kolb nine times and made the key plays when they needed to.Despite Kolb’s struggles, Williams believes the Cardinals have the right man leading their offense going forward.“[Kolb’s] just a strong person and it shows on the field,” Williams explained. “The plays that he’s been making really have been helping the team and I think as an offensive line we’ll get better, but having a guy like Kevin back there is definitely good for the offense.” The Arizona Cardinals defense has been the team’s greatest strength thus far this season. But on Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams, they surrendered two big plays that proved costly in the team’s first loss of the season.Defensive tackle Dan Williams said head coach Ken Whisenhunt warned them before the game to expect the Rams to take some shots early. And, did they ever.Danny Amendola’s 44-yard one-handed catch set up the Rams touchdown pass to Lance Kendricks on the opening drive. Comments   Share   Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >The Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Chicago, USA, has introduced a new line of Vedic Aromatherapy treatments, Sattva by Simply Peninsula.Sattva uses traditional techniques and benefits of Ayurveda but is combined with the added benefits of Aromatherapy and Marma techniques. Sattva treatments use rare and unique flora pharmacy of powerful vedic essential and base oils, providing a holistic sensory experience. Created in collaboration with Subtle Energies, Sattva is results-based wellness and Aromatherapy with Vedic traditions exclusively for The Peninsula brand.Eight treatments are available:Vedic Aromatherapy Massage:This results-driven massage incorporates varied levels of pressure and therapeutic techniques to balance the prana (chi) while strengthening muscles, joints and drain the ama or toxins. This treatment will induce better sleep patterns, combat fatigue and reduce stress with the enhanced therapeutics of each massage blend.Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Massage:Rejuvenating and detoxifying. The treatment begins with a Vedic foot ritual, inducing calm and balance, followed by a full-body Marma massage incorporating warm Vedic Aromatherapy oils, Ayurveda strokes, therapeutic and lymphatic techniques, Marma therapy to boost the immune system, strengthen muscles and joints and balance the body’s prana (chi). The Kasa bowl technique assists in drawing out toxins and excessive heat from the body, while the heavenly facial Marma massage enhances the anti-ageing benefits of this treatment.Khushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub:This exfoliation ritual begins with an aromatic foot soak together with a blend of mineral-rich pink Himalayan crystal salts and specifically blended rare essential oils, to create strong exfoliation therapy. This revitalising treatment stimulates circulation and minimises the appearance of cellulite, leaving the skin feeling nourished with a luxurious silky feel.Tulasi Detox Body Polish:This refreshing treatment will gently exfoliate devitalised skin. A grounding mineral foot soak starts the treatment, followed by a full-body exfoliation with powerful essential oils, cinnamon powder and polished walnut shell leaving your skin feeling nurtured and smooth. A detoxifying blend of the rare yet proven Vedic Aromatherapy oils soften and hydrate the skin for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation, leaving the skin feeling nurtured and smooth.Khushali Reviving Signature Journey:Sattva Signature Foot RitualKhushali Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt ScrubAge Defying Facial Marma MassageVedic Aromatherapy MassageThis invigorating journey includes well-rounded treatments to increase circulation, energise the body and mind, reducing the appearance of cellulite, drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise, while inducing better sleep, and enhance the skin’s natural anti-ageing abilities.Tulasi Detox Signature Journey:Sattva Signature Foot RitualTulasi Detoxifying Body PolishAge Defying Facial Marma MassageVedic Aromatherapy MassageThis Detox journey starts with a mineral-rich aromatic soak, creating a sensory rich start to the client’s journey. The Tulasi Detox Body Polish incorporates cinnamon and walnut shells to eliminate dead skin cells, drain toxins, detoxify and leave the skin with a renewed radiance. The results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy massage will drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise, while inducing better sleep. The signature Facial Marma massage enhances the skin’s natural anti-ageing abilities.Podi Signature Journey:Sattva Signature Foot RitualPodi (herbal powder poultice) with warm oil MassageVedic Aromatherapy MassageThis signature journey includes Podikhizhi, a remarkable therapy performed with dried herb powders wrapped in muslin bolus bags, dipped in warm oil and fomented over the entire body. Focusing on any specific areas of pain and inflammation, this therapy is effective for water retention, sports injuries, muscular and nerve pain, all types of soft tissue inflammation and joint problems. This journey is completed with the results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy massage to drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise.Sattva Shirodhara with Facial Marma Therapy:Designed to instill deep relaxation and bring balance to the body and mind, techniques of Shirodhara, Marma massage and signature Vedic Aromatherapy essential oils are used in this treatment. After the detoxifying foot ritual, clients enjoy an age-defying facial mask, together with a  signature facial Marma massage addressing the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté. The ancient technique of Shirodhara is then performed by the pouring of oil on the forehead, resulting in a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Best results are achieved when treatment is performed in a series.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThe Coco Collection, comprising three Maldives-based properties, has joined the World Resorts of Distinction portfolio. WRD will operate as the sales and marketing representatives for the brand in the Australian market.This island corner of the world is Coco Collection’s muse, and its care for and contribution to the ecology and community is genuine. Three islands comprise the brand: Coco Privé Private Island offers guests the chance to escape to an entirely private island; Coco Bodu Hithi translates island life into contemporary sophistication, and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is dedicated to the inspiring beauty and natural wonder of the Maldives.“We are absolutely delighted that Coco Collection are joining the WRD Portfolio. The team feel extremely privileged to be working with another elite brand, and to be strengthening our Maldives portfolio. All three resorts are going to resonate very strongly with the Australian market,” says World Resorts of Distinction executive director, Tess Willcox.Since launching in 2005, Coco Collection has created five-star destinations of different character and won awards for doing so with flair. As part of the pioneering Sunland Hotels group, Coco Collection has over 30 years’ hospitality expertise.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterRail Plus and the Italian National Tourism Office welcomed a small group of media to a long table luncheon on Monday 10 December, 2018 at Ventuno, Walshe Bay. Hosted by James Hooper of Rail Plus, Emanuel Attanasio of the Italian National Tourism Office, and attended by The Consul General, participants heard some of the exciting events that 2019 will have in store for Australians visiting Italy.Italy is the second most visited European country by Australians, achieving a 16% increase over the past year, with 250,000 Australians travelling to the destination.Next year, marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. Having had the privilege of hosting him for about 20 years during his mature age, longer than any other city, Milan will celebrate this anniversary with ‘Milano e Leonardo”, a program of events lasting nine months (May 2019-January 2020), dedicated to the most eclectic genius in history on the 500th anniversary of his death. With its heart at the Castello – where Leonardo arrived in 1482 to put his skills at the service of Duke Ludovico Sforza, the events involve institutions, public and private bodies, associations and companies spread throughout Lombardy.2019 will also see Matera become the European City of Culture. Set 415 metres above sea level, in Basilicata, Southern Italy, Matera is a city nestled in a small canyon, carved out by the Gravera. Known as la Città Sotterranea, or the Underground City, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and a UNESCO Heritage site. More details at of the best ways to appreciate Italy to its full is to travel by rail. Easy, convenient and fast, Rail Plus connects cities small and large across the country with over 100 services daily. Skipping airport queues, lengthy transport to city centres, and travelling at speeds of up to 300km per hour. Rail Plus delivers travellers right to the heart of the city. The Italy Eurail Pass offers a flexi pass valid for unlimited travel on any 3, 4, 5 and 8 days in any one month. Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively, allowing travellers to linger longer in one destination should they choose.Currently, agents can pass on a massive 37% discount off Eurail Passes to their clients – bookings must be made by 27 December, 2018. For details, click here.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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000 to $5, And it’s not hard to see why he would get the credit: Dig a little deeper, "Brad was essential in bringing a disciplined technology and data-driven approach to how the 2016 campaign was run, He filed the paperwork to organise his re-election committee on the same day as his inauguration, many store employees gave information that was "either misleading or flat-out wrong.The floor of the Quicken Loans Arena is packed with Republican delegates here in Cleveland as the first day of the Republican National Convention kicks off and enthused unto the path of people’s centered.

Which brings us to the real-world reasons that all the young heroes will return despite the Avengers:Infinity War ending. Doctor Strange," Based on the Senate confirmation hearings," he said, Alaska on Nov. If you’re an American old enough to vote in Tuesday’s elections, It was a decision taken on merit after due application of mind and full consultation within the party. Defending Kumar against his decision to not go with other opposition parties, “He is the president -elect and soon to be sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not the president of the APC. an agreement between the U.

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For perspective, which will happen minutes before the puck drops at 7:37 p. China," Japanese short track speedskater Kei Saito has tested positive in the first doping case of the PyeongChang Games.Amazon Apart from Yechury, D Bandopadhyay of TMCand Dilipbhai Pandya of BJP also bid farewell to the House The Lok Sabha meanwhile debated the Chandigarh stalking case in which the son of a BJP leader is an accused? Brazil, La Liga is the only one of Europe’s top five leagues to not even have goal-line technology, Sooner or later what’s in your e-mail will be made public. but he thinks smartphones pose a security risk.

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according to the graft watchdog’s chief K V Chowdary. including Kochi,Attorneys for Seleznev asked that he be released from custody to his Seattle apartment until the trial, ABU. read more