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New problem for the FEF in Third: games postponed

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first_imgThe Royal Spanish Football Federation will have to deal with another setback in its meeting with the territorial, in which the future of non-professional football will be decided and the Playoff format to be adopted. However, in some groups there is a circumstance that makes it impossible to pull the classification in a conventional way. Teams involved at the top of the table have one game less or do not add up to the same as other clubs in their federation. Thus, there are already several voices that have demanded a solution to this problem.It does not happen in Second Division B, but In Third it is usual that, for various situations, matches are postponed and not all go at the same pace. Given such a situation, there are several options, all of them unofficial: play the Playoff all those involved in that lack of matches; dispute exceptionally such encounters; value the point average; or just take into account the rresults of the first round of the competition. In fact, this last option is the official position of several clubs when making the final determination. For example, it is the vision of Tuilla Sports Club, from the third Asturian.Beyond that, the Federation must address what to do in the following cases. In Group VIII, Arandina (59 points) and Numancia B (57) have played 28 matches and occupy third and fourth position respectively. His rivals have already completed the 29 days, but they have not. The order of their classification could be transcendental in the face of hypothetical crossings, in which the fourth could face the first and the second the third. In the Group XIV there is something more of a mess. He Cacereño (3rd), with one less game, is three points behind the Coria (2nd). One of the hypotheses considered is that in the event of a tie there is no extension, but rather classifies the one with the best score. Therefore, it is also a matter to be resolved urgently. Group XII problemThe third, fourth and fifth classified of the Canary group, among other teams, have played one less game. In this case, all the matches occur that make deferrals a headache. Atlético Paso, right now out of the Playoff, is three points from San Fernando. They both have a game to play, so a position swapping could occur if the proper results are given. The controversy comes because the San Fernando, fourth, could complete the 28 games in first place in the table!The classification is led by the Tennis, with 54 points and 28 games. It is followed by Tamaraceite, with one less point, but with the same duels played. Marino, third, and San Fernando, fourth, add 53 and 52 in their locker respectively. They have a pending match both, which would be more decisive than ever. Behind the, could occupy any of the first four positions and, in the case of San Fernando, the fifth. Of course, a solution needs to be found, since leaving it as it is would deprive those with a pending game to play on equal terms.More cases in Group XVII and Group XVIIIThe circumstance of the pending matches is not only habitual, but also occurs in a total of six groups in the category. In the XVII and XVIII it is also a problem. In the Aragonese, Zaragoza B and Cuarte Industrial have one less meeting. There is a point of advantage for the subsidiary, who occupies the fourth position in the table and, therefore, has a provisional right to play the Playoff (its rules are not defined yet). In fact, the ‘B’ could match the third classified, the Pitch.In Group XVIII it happens with Guadalajara and Atlético Ibañes. The first has a point of advantage, with one game less and with the possibility of beating the third, Toledo, who has played the 28 days. However, Guadalajara is not guaranteed its Playoff position, because Atlético Ibañes also accumulates a pending duel. An endemic problem in the category and that raises an interesting debate in the face of Rubiales’ meeting with the territorial ones. There are many doubts on the table. For example, if only the first round is counted, will it be done with those involved or with all the groups?Consult the Third Division classifications.last_img read more

Tesla wants to help you save money on your electric bill

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first_imgSource: Charge Forward One of the first questions from a prospective electric car buyer is: “sure I’m not buying gas anymore, but how much will my electric bill go up?”  The answer, just about everywhere, is that an electric car is cheaper to drive, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out by how much.It’s a complex question to answer because of different electric rates around the country, time-of-use rates, and fluctuating gas prices as well.  But last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested that Tesla could build software into their vehicles to answer just that question – and to help owners save money as well. The idea came, as many have, in a late-night answer to a tweet. more…Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1zk7Eb8r-s&list=PL_Qf0A10763mA7Byw9ncZqxjke6Gjz0MtThe post Tesla wants to help you save money on your electric bill appeared first on Electrek.last_img read more