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Mayhew ready to go

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first_imgHours away from a historic run in the monobob at the Winter Youth Olympics now under way in Lillehammer, Norway, there’s an air of optimism around 17 year-old Jamaican participant Daniel Mayhew.The Monobob heat gets under way at 8 a.m. (Jamaica time), with Mayhew scheduled to be the 13th competitor on the ice. The Charlemont High school student is Jamaica’s first competitor at the event, and coach Harry Nelson was in a confident mood ahead of today’s heat, where the youngster will be looking to vie for a top spot.Nelson told The Gleaner that Mayhew is in good spirits, has been training well, and has been performing with more consistency since his arrival.”He had his final training run today (yesterday) and he didn’t look bad at all. He is showing some consistency, his driving time wasn’t a personal best, but the conditions on the day wasn’t that good. But going into the event, he is actually eight right now and moving up, so we are feeling good,” said Nelson.”I’m very pleased with how things are looking at this point. Even though the conditions weren’t great in training yesterday, he got his best push-off time of 5.70,” added Nelson. “The day before, he got his best track time of 57.40 seconds.”STILL CONFIDENTNelson, however, admitted that he would have preferred if he was able to work a little longer on the ice with his young charge, but remains confident that he will represent himself and the nation well when competition gets under way.”We would have definitely liked more time on the ice, but we have to work with what we’ve got,” Nelson noted.”Daniel is very upbeat and ready to go. There is no pressure on him. He went through his qualification runs with no incident, as well as a personal best in his runs, so we are happy,” Nelson added.The coach underlined that the main objective is to ensure that the youngster completes the course without incident, but made it clear that they are keeping an eye on the top positions.”The major objective is to make sure he finishes the track incident-free, and anything after that, we will go for it. We are Jamaicans, so you know we always give our best, and so we will be looking to put ourselves in a spot where we can try to get the gold,” said Nelson.last_img read more

Urey Concerned over Number of Excess Ballots

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first_imgUrey with Chief Imam of Liberia, Ali Krayee“While we know there are excess ballot papers always, this number is alarming. Firstly, no one expects the entire 2.1 million registered voters to vote on October 10th and so there is no need to bring more than 20 percent excess ballot papers,” Mr. Urey said.The ALP standard-bearer said he believes that about 75 to 80 percent of the registered voters will show up for the elections to vote, which already indicates that there will be some extra ballot papers.Mr. Urey hoped that representatives from political parties, elections’ observers and the international community will be there to supervise the distribution of the ballots and ensure that the excess ballots are fully monitored.“We believe this election should be free, fair, transparent and peaceful because most often we don’t talk about the peaceful aspect. Most often, the international community is only concerned about whether the elections were peaceful, but the ALP looks forward to free, fair and transparent elections,” Mr. Urey said.Commenting on the generational change issue, Mr. Urey said while he agreed with the president’s views, it should be about people who are prepared and qualified educationally.This, he said, “can be time for younger people to take over the government, but they must be competent young people. The president needed to include competent, qualified and experienced and not just on generational change because we want to change.”On the Imams’ visit, he said “We are privileged to receive some eminent personalities. We have some time to explain to them how we believe they should be part of this entire process and they are able to listen to us.”The ALP also explained its role and contributions to the Muslim community over the years, which some have admitted to and noted that the ALP will continue to work with all Liberians.The Chief Imam, Ali Krayee, said they were pleased to visit the ALP standard bearer and also to pray with him ahead of the elections.He said the Imam Council of Liberia will continue to work in the interest of Liberia, even after the elections, to ensure that Liberia is peaceful.“We always say that those who serve and work in the humanity of God must pray for God to continue to bless us and we are pleased that the ALP can request our presence and to highlight some of the things done within the Muslim community,” Imam Karyee said.“We heard that elections’ observers are in Liberia now, especially international observers and many times, they are interested in the process of vote casting and the way the results come out. This time, we don’t want them to just observe the casting of the votes, but to also assure us that what transpires at polling centers actually continue to the head office of NEC where the results will be announced,” Imam Karyee said.Religious communities have increased their involvement in the political development leading to the October 10th elections. They have appealed to God to bless electorates to avoid anything that could lead the country into unnecessary events. The Christian community has supplicated to God, urging Christians to demonstrate love for country and work together with other faiths, particularly the Muslim Community, to ensure sustainable peace for the country.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Urey interacts with imams, explains ALP contributions to Muslim Community“It tends to undermine conduct of peaceful elections,” he says.Although the National Elections Commission (NEC) chairman Jerome G. Korkoya has clarified the commission’s decision to bring in excess presidential ballots for the October 10 elections, the standard bearer of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP), said the excess ballot papers is alarming.Korkoya’s explanation was in response to comments and questions from the public regarding the commission’s decision to bring into the country nearly one million excess presidential ballots.But Mr. Benoni Urey said the excess ballot papers were something to keep the public in worry, “Because it tends to undermine the conduct of the peaceful elections.”Mr. Urey made the comments yesterday in Monrovia when a group of Imams, headed by Liberia’s Chief Imam Ali Krayee, visited him to pray ahead of the upcoming elections, on the ALP’s invitation.last_img read more